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  1. I never liked that cartoon looking swingarm but that should be warranted. I wouldn't spend the money for an expensive shock just yet, just say that the swingarm is the problem and broke the shock. Yours is the third one I heard of. I think they should fix the problem.
  2. Hey nomotornofun if Gutty can't decide between an 06 Pitster and a old 107 Xtreme that should sum it all up for you. The 05 and 06 Xtreme 124 is way better than the 107 and check the new post: Broken Shock! That's three 06 Pitsters that I seen and heard about. Once again, Good Luck
  3. No not even close, my 883 is chopped and way raked out and it doesn't turn well. Are you one of the Grapefruit Dead guys?
  4. Yes on my 883 Harley
  5. I bought a Xtreme seat complete for 49.00 and it's really good not to stiff at all.
  6. Not to confuse you any more nomotornofun but who said GPX was the better engine and who said Xtremes were more $$$$ ?
  7. Good advice tweeker head, Thumper oil on Thumper Talk for a Little Thumper Engine
  8. He did get his posts removed, I go in his shop and he said he is trying to be a sponsor but they say he has to be a manufacturer to use his logo.
  9. What went through three motors, Xtreme or Pitster?
  10. YES!!! I am there, Just when I thought pit biken was over and they pull me back in. I am there. Did I mention I am there
  11. Both are good, I see more Xtremes and they seem to hold up and thats what I am getting. Good Luck
  12. So what did you reed that is leaning you to pitster?
  13. The owner of trapani racing had posted a real nice thing to say about every one bashing other pit bikes. That if every one rode one brand a lot of companies would be out of business ect.... I like what he wrote, just don't know what happened to that thread.
  14. I am with Raider357, Xtremes have been around and I heard that even SDG got rid of that 3valve junk engine and they are using Xtreme engines or copies. The swingarm on the pitster is weird and I just seen one bust apart last weekend. The Xtremes seem to hold up well. As far as Tumpstars who even has one.
  15. You got it! And the bike held up great.