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  1. mattman

    What riding area's are still open..confused?

    I think that's where things are going. It's in its infancy, but someday a well mapped and marked trail system, hopefully statewide, and a no excuses information system for example, maps at kiosks near popular areas, and an easy to find website with printable maps/info on where we can and can't ride etc...that's what I want, so that's what I'd propose happen. As an ambassador, we're supposed to be the voice or laison between the public and govt. So the more input I can get from people on here, the more complete and reasonable requests I can make to the officials involved.
  2. mattman

    What riding area's are still open..confused?

    That's what I'm hearing also. More expensive and less availability. I'll make a point to bring that up at the next gripe session. If enough people show concern for it, and we can get our BLM and other agency reps behind it, hopefully some changes can be made. Possibly this new OHV permitting thing in Jan 09 will ease some of those costs???
  3. mattman

    What riding area's are still open..confused?

    Sorry, please allow me to clarify...If you happen to be at the Boulders staging area for the race on Oct 19th, please stop by the OHV ambassador trailer for more info. No, causal riding near a race event is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Thanks!
  4. mattman

    What riding area's are still open..confused?

    I believe it is. This program works in partnership and sometimes helps organize and work different races. We want to try to have a visible presence at these events to raise awareness, and let folks know that we're not tree hugging nature nazis. I think they worked the last race at Boulders too.
  5. mattman

    What riding area's are still open..confused?

    Hey folks, there is alot of mis-information regarding the whole state land, BLM land, public right of ways and riding areas etc. It's very confusing peticularly due to the fact that these seperate enteties usually border each other and sometimes share the same space. Or you may need to go through one to get to the other. I recently completed training to be an Arizona OHV Ambassador, trying to do my part. The Arizona OHV Ambassador program is a newly developed volunteer program that provides a means for private citizens to work with a variety of federal, state, and local land managers and public safety officials in Arizona to promote responsible off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation on public, state, and private lands. We actually work hand in hand with BLM, Game & Fish, AZ State Parks, US Forestry, Sherrifs Dept etc. They are on our side believe it or not. The public officials involved in the program are riders too, and are passionate about it. We're working hard on developing more and more developed and marked riding areas, like the boulders, so people have somewhere to go, not just dropping the tailgate and ripping off into the desert...I'm guilty of having done it, education is the key though. I encourage you to come out for a ride at the "Boulders" riding area on Oct 19th to get clarification and info regarding some of the closures and where we can, and cannot ride. Just look for the OHV signs and trailer. Get some free maps, tons of info, and hopefully some of your questions answered. In the future, I'll hopefully be posting some info and links regarding all this stuff. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks!
  6. mattman

    questions for Arizona trail riders

    Phoenix isnt the only place in AZ to ride. I regularly go to Cottonwood, Payson, Show Low and Flagstaff to ride in the Summer. It's typically 20 degrees (or more) cooler and all four of the aforementioned towns are a 3 hour or less drive from Phx. Great for a day trip. I usually don't re-jet unless I go to Flag. Have fun!
  7. mattman

    New guy in Phoenix

    I'm definately going to be there Sunday. I called Brian (sprout250X) and left a message, but if he doesn't return my call, I'll be there anyway. I'll be there around 0700. Not familiar with trails so I hope someone who knows where they're going shows up so we can scoot along at a good click. If I don't hear from anyone, I'll be parking...??? on the north side of 87 somewhere. I have a Superduty Ford crew cab, gold metallic with a small prerunner bar on the front and a small lift. So, if you see me, please flag me down!!! Thanks!
  8. mattman

    Looking for '05 wr tank

    Thanks for the info, I was under the impression that my '06 seat was the same as the YZ, but I could be wrong. Thanks again.
  9. mattman

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    Warming up my old bike, a KX 500 in staging area of riding park here in AZ a few years ago. Thought I'd goof off on the kid track while waiting on my buddies. I was messing with my goggles with both hands not paying attention and ran straight over a 3 foot berm going about 2 MPH, and somehow wiped out HARD in front of everyone, sustaining a pipe burn and a bruised ego... Moral of the story: Stay off the kid tracks!
  10. mattman

    New guy in Phoenix

    I heard a rumor that this sycamore area is VERY crowded...? Comments? Thx.
  11. mattman

    Looking for '05 wr tank

    You may have found that tank you're looking for already, but if not, I have an '06 with about 110 miles on it, and am looking for a clear desert tank. Not sure if they're interchangable, but if they are, and you still have it, and it's in good shape, you've got yourself a deal. I'd trade... Matt mheath6@cox.net
  12. mattman

    New guy in Phoenix

    Please keep me posted on any rides!!! Looking for a group to ride with 2 to 4 times a month plus occasional dune trips. If anyone wants to get together, please contact me. mheath6@cox.net So, whats the start time for the Four Peaks ride? Is is Sat or Sun? Eric, what's Ocotillo Wells??? What part of town are you in? Nothing against you eastsiders, but I live about 6 miles south of Lake Pleasant. I'm up for any ride though. Thanks!
  13. mattman

    New guy in Phoenix

    Hey fellas, I need some new riding buddies...my riding partner gave up his bike for a Polaris Ranger!!! Do you mind another rider? I've always wanted to check out that area for riding and would love to tag along. How far is the trip? I ask because I don't have a desert tank on my bike yet. If you don't mind an extra guy, I'd love to come along. I live out by Lake Pleasant, but know where the general area is your talking about. Are you parking on the north side if 87? Whats everyones skill level? I'm not slow, but I'm not a maniac either! Thanks!!!
  14. mattman

    registering motocross bikes in Az?

    Absolutely. My bike is titled, and about to be street legalized in AZ. My sons TTR 90 is also titled and RV plated. You gotta love Arizona!
  15. mattman

    Camp Verde Riding

    Ditto on the park info. It's a little crowded on weekends, but a good place regardless. Try it on a weekday if you can, the trail under the interstate is awesome, goes all the way up near the truck pull off on the northbound lanes of I 17. Kid track is cool too...