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  1. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    I bought my self a 2016 WR250F a couple of weeks ago and got the 15ltr Safari tank included with it, I havent installed it yet as I only will probably use it for bigger rides. I had the bike apart and a couple of things threw me off, u cant get it on without dropping the subframe a few inches to get it in. This anoyed me as I thought I had to swing the tank out of the way to change the air filter. I had a think about it I think you can lift it up enough to get your hand in there to change the air filter. Ill play with it a bit more later in the year on my annual desert ride. Here are some pics of it just sitting on the bike:
  2. G'day, Is there any definitive list of differences between the 2015 and 2016 models? Im trying to decide between buying a runout 2015 WR or YZFX or spend the extra for 2016 Phill
  3. gearb0x

    2015 or 2016 WR250

    I would be very interested on knowing the differences if any of these 2 models as well
  4. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    the one on josh greens bike in that photo is the ims 11ltr YZF tank with the battery mods i mentioned earlier. He is also running a 14ltr carbon fibre tank now as well.
  5. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Hattah was a ball, i rode it on a yz125 my self. I saw a few Wr250's out there and LOTS of yzfx's. sadly josh green was on his YZ450, id love to see him compete on is WR250 haha. The WR in the pic was Mike McCormaks, there was another wr250 in the yamaha tent not sure whos it was though Im only just starting to walk properly again
  6. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    I was at the hattah desert race in australia on the weekend and got a chance to check out how the aussie yamaha team are running the big tanks in their WR's Looks like some small antigravity battery mounted up under the guard in a custom made mount, apparently the fuses & relays are relocated up near under the air box, the guy I was talking to couldn't remember exactly where they had them. They also had a tin sheild to protect the tank from exhaust heat underneath
  7. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    that photo is definately a YZ250F not an FX/WR RS450F, that first photo you posted looks very much like an FX. Ive seen some photos of people running the 11ltr tank with NO battery but i was hoping someone would be able to find somewhere to put one of those mini pancake batteries I was thinking maybe behind the bashplate in between the frame rails but I have been informed that that is a very bad idea
  8. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    no more information? heh i was just scouring the internet to find more information on the above images and managed to find this: http://www.safaritanks.com.au/home/news/188-new-yamaha-wr250-safari-tank-coming-soon Looks like tank has to come off to change air filter but 15ltrs would be nice haha
  9. gearb0x

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    more details please.... bottom pick looks like the IMS 2.5 gal factory tank... but are the above photos someone show horning a 2.9 gallon tank in? if so please for more info Phill
  10. gearb0x

    the all ***new*** YZ250FX

    Thats assuming the WR doesnt have a lower compression piston & less aggressive cams as well...
  11. gearb0x

    the all ***new*** YZ250FX

    they will be available as grey imports from sumoto etc, as far as i know there first shipment will land late january, atleast thtas what they told my cousin yamaha aus will be crazy not to bring in the FX for victorians atleast, with rec reg they will be a weapon
  12. G'day, I was wondering if anyone is successfully running a 14 tooth front sproket on a 2006+ yz125? I am current geared at 13/50 for tight single track in club racing and will be entering in a sandy desert race in a few months. I was hoping to just bang a 14 tooth sproket on the front just to gear it up a little higher than stock and not having to stuff around with my chain Only problem I have is the case saver actually has "13T" stamped into it and i presume it wont fit also the owners manual only lists that a 13 tooth will fit. but I was hoping that wasnt the case Regards, Phill
  13. gearb0x

    TrailTech Vapor user comments

    On my 98 WR400 it would read all the way to the rev limit (10000rpm). I had a terrible time trying to get the vapour to read the RPM reliably. Directly connected to the coil it WOULD NOT READ the rpm when the Vapour was powered off the bike, When i disconnected the power and just ran the vapour off the internal battery it ran fine. It was wierd, trailtech has a resistored coil connection, I tried that but it didnt solve it either In the end i just wrapped it around the ignition wire and electrical tapped it. It worked reliably for 6 months before it was stolen :/
  14. gearb0x

    WR400 Rebuild

    so one ride after i finally solved the throttle slide problems my bike was stolen last night. If anyone in Melbourne, Australia (stolen from south east side near moorabin airport) sees anything please give me a bell, the rego is YT385 So some stinken ass theif is now running around on a super reliable super fast & easy to start wr426 Phill
  15. gearb0x

    Trailtech Vapor Tach issues

    I had strange problems with mine when i had the power connected to the headlight power & the tach signal connected to the coil trigger ( with & without the resistor), it did all sorts of wierd shit, mainly the tacho would jump sky high when riding, if i disconnected the power to the unit and just ran off battery it was fine In the end i just wrapped the coil wire around the plug wire and havent had a problem since. Asside from my other non related issues