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  1. So just to update. I did get the bike fixed fully under warranty from KTM. Good to see they stand behind their product.
  2. ejlif

    2016 Ktm 250sxf gearing

    I went with a 48 on the rear. My main track is pretty tight and I was having to shift way more than I was used to with the 50 on the rear. I'd like to try 50 again, maybe get into 3rd more and lug it a little, the bike has some decent torque but I've been used to revving in 2nd.
  3. I have a 15 FE 250 and mine broke second gear and now I'm sitting here with the parts on backorder and no bike for the 2 months. I had the same problem with my 07 KTM 250f, broke 3rd gear 2 times and both times the parts weren't in stock and it took months to get my bike fixed. I just assumed that KTM had gotten much bigger and had gotten their act together as far as available parts for these machines. It's been 8 months since I got the bike. I would assume the part is the same as the 16 model. Very concerning. I love the orange bike but this is the kind of thing that would keep me from getting another one.
  4. They got the engine apart. It's 2nd gear that was broken. I had an 07 that I really loved but it broke 3rd gear 2 times and it wasn't just the fact that it cost money but they never had the part in stock. It took months both times to get it fixed with the 07. Now with the new one it's the same thing. The gear is back ordered again for the 15 FE. So I will just be sitting here once again with no bike until I can get the gear. I'm not sure if it's going to be under warranty they are going to let me know. Pretty disappointing this is what made me jump ship from KTM before.
  5. I was racing my 250F FE today. I went in a corner and hit the gas, it felt like the bike broke a gear almost like it popped into neutral at full throttle from second gear. The chain came off. I put the chain back on and tried to start it and it was making some bad noises in the engine. Seems like maybe it was coming from the top but hard to tell. I didn't want to run it more and cause more damage. It has 40 hours and has been well maintained and I'm a vet rider so I'm not riding it that hard. I had just changed the oil and everything looked good the chain tension was adjusted right nothing seemed wrong it just did this out of the blue. I don't think that I hit neutral accidentally either. I am mostly wondering if anyone knows what might be the situation with KTM warrantying something like this? I had some good luck with Kawasaki warrantying some faulty parts on a bike once so just curious. Didn't seem like I did anything wrong and that doesn't seem like the engine should be breaking at 40 hours. I have a local mechanic that I have used for years that I prefer to work with but I would guess any warranty would have to go through the dealer I bought the bike from. Just trying to feel out KTMs willingness to warranty a bike with this type situation.
  6. I've been looking around and haven't found anything. I'd like to get a fresh set and put the graphics I want to get on the new ones rather than go over the already very cool factory graphics maybe save that for the person who buys this bike from me in the future when I sell it.
  7. ejlif

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    I got the FMF setup for my FE 250 and it's awesome very noticeable improvement in power. And 3 lbs lighter also
  8. Good news it didn't melt the side plate Also even better news the FMF system made huge improvements to the power. I can't believe an exhaust system could make the bike seem so much more powerful. It has a very strong hit down low now and seems to pull longer in each gear. This system is a no brainer for the 250SXF FE in my opinion.
  9. The side panel melted. I just installed the FMF factory edition exhaust and the muffler is darn near rubbing on the side plate. I hope it doesn't melt that too.
  10. I looked in the manual and even had a mechanic looking at the manual and looking in the air box and I can't figure out what is going on and how to see what it's even set at or how to change it.
  11. same thing happened to my 250 FE
  12. He has one available right now in stock?
  13. No I did not know this, that is great news for me. I'm 6'2" and have size 12 feet so anything helps.
  14. Yeah you are probably right. I've always told myself I would learn to like a bike as is but I've always ended up gradually going to the taller setup, especially the tall seat it's hard to know what to do with all those legs when sitting. One thing I really like about the feel of the KTM and I had the same feeling with my 07 KTM 250F was that it made me want to sit less I felt very comfortable standing in places where I might feel the need to sit on other bikes.
  15. I'm waiting for my 2015 factory edition 250F to arrive and want to plan on getting the setup for a taller rider as I have used on my 2011 Kawasaki KX250F. I normally run a tall seat, bar risers and low pegs on my bikes. I got a chance to ride a 2015 250SXF and while I really like the bike I'm and not comfortable I need my tall rider setup. Is anyone familiar with where to get these items or advice overall on setting the KTM up for a tall rider? I was running fastway pegs on my Kawasaki.