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  1. srh66

    oil leaking ?

    i have an 05 450 and i replaced the rubber seal behind the front sproket 2 weeks ago and now it started to leak oil again, is there something im not replacing that i need to replace?
  2. srh66

    winter rebuild

    i have a 05 450r and im planning on replacing the piston ring and cam chain and i just had kibble white vavles and springs installed, i was just wondering if there is anything eles i should be replacing. i race mostly hare scrambles and some gnccs
  3. srh66

    question for H/S racers

    i allways start in neutral and still get a good start i used a stand right under my footpeg so i and just move my toe and click it and go another thing that u might wanna do is cheak ur vavles
  4. srh66

    Back Wheel is loose..... Spokes?

    check ur wheel bearings
  5. srh66

    cracked engine cover

    my shifter got bent in and put a hole in the side of my engine case cover anyone kno of an engine case cover i could get thats good and at a good price? -its for an 05 crf450
  6. srh66

    new rims

    just got my rims and powder coated hubs put on tell me what you think
  7. Heres my 05 crf 450 brapppppppppppp
  8. i powdercoated my hubs red and got gold rims but i do kno many people who powder coated both wheels and hubs, my hubes were 60 bucks a peice to powdercoat and they came out great
  9. srh66

    05 crf450 and the 350z

    yea i have no clue how to put a picture up sorry guys
  10. tell me what you guys think http://]http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h68/srh66/?action=view&current=DSCF0365.jpg http://]http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h68/srh66/?action=view&current=DSCF0364.jpg BRAPPPPPPPPPPPP
  11. srh66

    My bike.

    man i ride i 05 crf450 and two years ago i was on a yamaha 250f and i skipped the state championship for lacrosse to go race a harescamble riding is the main thing im focused on haha by the way im 16
  12. srh66

    exhaust qustion

    any one running the leo vince x-3 on their 05 450, does it stick out really far from the rear number plate? in the pictures on leo vince website it looks huge
  13. srh66

    quick shot

    any one have the quick shot acelorator pump cover on their 05 450 , hows it working for you
  14. srh66

    power blade?

    any one have one on the 05 450 if so how do u like it
  15. srh66


    powder coating works my hubs just got back i had them done red works just fine