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  1. shooter2

    AZ craigslist ad of the day

    I have been looking for a YZ250 and Vegas area doesn't have many lately. Looked in Phoenix but gave up. Seems like EVERY listing in Phoenix they list every brand and type of cyle ever made so it comes up in the search:bonk: Kind of defeats the purpose in my book. Just makes me and if I do open one that is wrong I flag them. Why have a search if these jerks are gonna list everything ever made in their listing. Shooter2
  2. shooter2

    Anyone know where there is a 07-08 YZ250

    Ride Now is the one that pulled the :yeah we have them in stock, come on down and we will match any cycle trader price.( 4200 otd w CA sales tax included) They had just moved to the new gig on Boulder Hiway and it was actually for an 07 KX250. After listeneing to the crap about how much better the 4 joke was, I said no- 2 stroke. Well, he takes the ad & comes back pushing a new KX 250 2t. But, this one is sold. And we have no more. Now I was in the Rancho store Tues and there is STILL one sitting on the floor. So, they lied to me about that. I was in there several weeks ago on a Sat and it was there. Of course all the salemen were in the back, together, drinking coffee. I sat on it looked it over and decided if their coffee was more important than their job, then I would go elsewhere. Called a few weeks later and had to call twice to get any kind of discount quoted. The sales guy refused to give any kind of quote over the phone. When he said to come in, I told him I was there Sat and you were pounding your pud and were too busy too help me. So, he quoted me full retail, set up, trans, tax and it was about 7 grand. I called back and talked to the manager. He finally gave me about $5800 I think out the door. Told him I could but new blue for that. These Vegas dealers are total scum in my book and I see why everyone says to go to Utah. Shooter2
  3. shooter2

    Anyone know where there is a 07-08 YZ250

    I have called on a few cycle trader online ads. Oh yeah, that is still posted? Well we dont/can't/won't honor that price because that ad was posted last year. But we do have some geeeerate 4 strokes that we can talk about-click sound as I hang up. Also called on a few cycle trader magazine ads. Funny how they just sold the last one but have a 250F in stock. The next week they have the same ad for a two stroke:foul: Shooter2
  4. Less than a month old. Left over 2007. 0000% financing. But, this is about my 3rd or 4th one with 5.4. I think I had a few with smaller V8. F-150 super cab. Most I ever put on one was about 80,000 miles. Been getting a new one every 2-3 years since 1993 when Ford expanded its employee purchase plan to include me, the red-headed step child:applause: Not one of them has ever been in the shop for anything other than maintenance and an occasional recall. Knocking on wood Wally World has the 5-20w semi synthetic motor craft oil pretty danged cheap in the 5 qt size. I was skeptical too, but at that price I will use what does not void the warranty. Shooter2
  5. shooter2

    Kudos to Matt & the TT Store

    They carry VERY little in stock. It mainly comes out of Parts Unlimited in LA I think. I am assuming this keeps the overhead down which means good guy prices. Not a bunch of stock that they have to inventory and fire sale out if they guessed wrong what the market was looking for. Just like my pro photo gear, if you want to go look, fondle and ask a million questions, you go to a local brick and mortar and pay for their rent and guidance. Vegas is way behind other areas I have lived in this dept. There is one store I just found that is really friendly, but you REALLY pay for it. PM me if you are curious. And, in most cases they have to order it anyway. If you want to save some coin, you do your own research, figure out what you want and order from B&H:worthy: Then hope you catch the brown truck cuz they won't leave w/o signature TT Store is like the best of both worlds for locals. You can call Matt and he will tell you what works around here. You can spend hours researching on their web site, although I will admit is is a little cumbersome to use. You order and get a great price for stuff the next day and can pick up at your convenience, not if and when the truck shows up. You have not spent hours on the phone or major money in gas driving all over town. You do your "browsing" in the comfort of your home instead of the showroom with some salesman breathing down your neck or trying to sell you what they make the most money off of. Or on a busy Saturday, waiting in line at the counter only to find out they are out of stock , but can have it Monday. (from the same source as TT at a much higher price)So, you get the things they did have, only to wait in another line to pay:rant: Shooter2
  6. shooter2

    Everyone remember their 1st brand new bike??

    Bonanza mini bike with a briggs 5hp engine. Then a buddy got one of those Bonanza mini bikes with a 100cc Hodaka engine. That thing was scary fast in a straight line Shooter2
  7. shooter2

    Kudos to Matt & the TT Store

    They are on Rancho, just south of Cheyenne. Way off the road in a business park. Call and I am sure they will guide you in for a landing Shooter2
  8. shooter2

    Kudos to Matt & the TT Store

    Yes, you can believe it when he tells you the "local" discount more than offsets the sales tax. I was going to order some items from RM. Did not send it that night ( was trying to spend $100.00 for free shipping)and the next AM the main thing I needed was listed as out of stock. Matt to the rescue. Ordered Wed around noon, he called Thurs around noon that the order was in. Parts are already on the bike and I do not have to wait for the brown truck. Why run all over town looking for something or wait for the brown truck when you can get exactly what you want, usually within 24 hrs from a local business? Nice guy too, with first hand local riding experience. Thanks Matt and TT Store Shooter2
  9. shooter2

    How to tell if it's stolen

    Since Nevada does not offer registration or titles for dirt bikes, how in the heck do you tell if it is legit? Take someones word for it? Obviously, if it is too good to be true, something is wrong. Thanks, Shooter2
  10. shooter2

    How not to change your oil

    Oil Eater. You can get it at Costco and some auto supply stores. For really bad stains, let it soak for awhile and scrub with steel brush. Only bad thing is the scrubbed spots look cleaner than the rest and you will end up doing the whole drive way. Shooter2 PS. I had a truck with L-10 Cummins that took ten gals. The axle was right under the drain plug and it always splattered everywhere. And, on refill, there was always a quart or so that did not want to go into crankcase. I would spray oil eater on engine & axle and hose off after awhile and she was clean again
  11. shooter2

    kx 100

    My guess is right with yours. The air filter only had a few Oregon rainy season hours on it. The tank was almost dry, so I know it had a 32:1 with Torco GP7 synthetic from my can. Funny, that oil was popular in OR, but I have been to a dozen shops around here (Houston) and no one has it. sO I got some motorex stuff in a goofy looking bottle. I have only ever had one 2 stroke motor seize on me, and that was when I was a kid about 14 or 15. I had a Sachs 125. (with the springer front end that was great on downhills) It locked up while riding one day. When I got home, I realized I had used a crankcase oil instead of the two stroke oil to mix. I have never admitted this to anyone until now:bonk: I feel better already:busted: My son was just coming off a TTR125 (first ride) and he was revving it pretty good. He was a lazy rider and had not learned to shift that well as the TTR would lug or rev pretty good. We have now put the middle weight flywheel weight on it and it did tame the hit. More like a fast dimmer switch than an on/off rocker switch. He has learned to shift much better and knows what a power band is. I think he may even be starting to like the smoker, but he still likes blue more than green:banghead: Regards Shooter2
  12. shooter2

    kx 100

    My son's 2005 did the same thing. Dealer said it was do to over revving. They said it was fairly common problem. We had purchased it when it only had a few hours on it. It was "returned" because the buyer was scared to death of it. It happened in the first 1/2 hour that he was riding it. The dealer fixed it at about a 50% discount as a good will gesture. It still cost almost $800.00. Jesse has learned to watch the over rev, even though I don't think that was the real cause. Regards, Shooter2
  13. shooter2

    05/06 RM 125 top speed-again

    Thanks guys. I guess the sheriff was out yesterday. He was out riding by the pool and started revving it up and dumping the clutch at a bunch of younger kids. The mom went over and told him to pack his bags and he went off on her and threatened to kick her a**. So, she called the Sheriff. One of the reasons we moved here was because the kids can ride around the 700 plus acre subdivision. There are about twenty acres out by the power lines where you are supposed to go ride if you want to rip. Not on the steets where there are little kids on bicycles and so on. There are lots of kids that ride bikes, quads and the jacked up fancy golf carts around the roads that are fine. They realize it is a priveledge and most wave, slow down and pull over for a car. I just talked to another homeowner and he was hot!! I guess the little called him every name in the book and threatened to kick his a**. He knows he is a minor and any adult that touches him will go to jail, so he taunts everyone. The HOA will get a court order against him and maybe mom will listen to the judge. If not, she will get hooked up for letting him ride. Now if we could just catch him breaking into one of the homes or vandalizing the consruction equipment....been happening on a reguler basis. Regards, Shooter2
  14. My sub division allows the kids to ride their bikes on the private streets. They are not supposed follow all the traffic rules and just go visit friends, go to the pool or out to the ATV area (not finished yet, but acres to ride in) We have been having some serious problems with one kid on a spanking new RM 125. Don't know if is 05 or 06. Anyway, the little jerk is about to ruin it for all as the homeowners association is talking about banning the bikes/quads and golf carts because of this kid. I have personally witnessed him wind out through 5th gear numerous times and guesstimating he is doing 60 plus. Right through stop signs. He flips people off and spits at them. The sheriff can't do a damned thing they are private roads. I have done searches, and came up empty. Anyone have any guesses how fast this might be rapped out in 5th. His momma claims that bike won't even do 60mph. It looks like the HOA is going to have to get a court order to refrain this kid from ruining it for all. The little angel can do no wrong in her eyes as I learned some new four letter words when I tried to reason with her He has tried to pick fights with adults Thanks for any insight Shooter2
  15. shooter2

    Any Texas area AT&Ter's in the TT ranks?

    My son and I went out to Cherokee in late May. You got that right about HOT It was a very pleasant experience for both my 13 year old son and I. It is a little hard to find. We camped overnight and did I say it was hot? Thanks for the ice in the bag tip. Bring bug spray and some sparay to do the whole area as the ants invade. It is a working cattle ranch. Those critters can be incredibly stupid at times. Also, watch out for a few bulls on the upper side. Most of the steers run when you approach and wave a hand at them. Couldn't figure out why one didn't budge until I rode by and noticed the "manliness" was still intact. Overall pleasant memory for both Shooter2