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  1. ianp5uk

    GasGas FSE450 2006 Cam Timing

    I stupidly removed the cams from my FSE450 without checking how they're aligned. I can only find an engine manual for the 05 model that says; TDC and align the scribes facing each other - but mine has 3 scribes, each 90 deg apart on each cam!!! They are numbered 1,2,3 Can anyone tell me which ones to align and confirm it's still piston TDC etc?
  2. ianp5uk

    525 EXC vs 450 EXC

    Power?? Do you guys all ride in the desert or are GNCC winners? Why not get an XR650? In the woods and technical stuff it's whatever power delivery fits your style and how they handle not how much power. They've all got enough.
  3. ianp5uk

    Brand Comparrison

    Both are good. KTM cheaper on spares though and slightly lighter I think.
  4. ianp5uk

    06 525 or 450 exc

    IMHO The 525 is a bit easier to ride. The 450's have a midrange hit that can catch you out on technical terrain. Of course the 525 has more power and torque but the delivery is more predictable. If you ride very technical wet stuff they're both a handful - get the 250 thumper or a Gas Gas smoker.