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  1. highwaydevil

    1991 klr 250 hard to start

    It also idles very badly. It seems to idle very high, then slowly taper off and occassionally dies. I cleaned the carb last year and it also didn't make difference. I'd start commuting with it, but it currently isn't worth the hassle. (That, and my Vulcan 800 is more visible.)
  2. highwaydevil

    put in a Dynojet kit now problems

    My bike has had a jet kit installed, although I don't know which one. I'm still getting 70-75 mpg out of mine with mixed on-off road riding.
  3. I have a 1991 klr 250 with 4400 miles, and it's almost always been hard to start. Just before my leg falls off, it finally fires over. Is there something I can adjust to make it easier, different plug etc? I adjusted the valves last year and it didn't seem to make a difference. Thanks.
  4. highwaydevil

    How many miles on your KLR 250?

    I'm even worse! 1991 with 4400 miles. I got married 10 years ago, and have only managed to put on 1000 since!
  5. highwaydevil

    valve adjustments on a 91 klr250

    Chas, That was it. I got it up and running Fri. night. Thanks!
  6. highwaydevil

    How often are your guys changing the oil?

    So, to open another can of worms, what brand/weight of oil does everyone use?
  7. highwaydevil

    valve adjustments on a 91 klr250

    Chas, That must be it. I remember that the 2 dots on the cam sprockets were both pointing at each other. (Exhaust at 3 o'clock positionm, intake at 9)
  8. highwaydevil

    valve adjustments on a 91 klr250

    I attempted to adjust them per the instructions but may have screwed something up. I watched the rear valves (intake) open and close, lined up the "t" with the notch and then did all 4. All 4 valves were on the round part of the 2 camshafts and not up on the lobes. I'll attempt it again tomorrow evening. Thanks for the additional thoughts. I'm having to bail my Vulcan 800 out of the shop tomorrow so saving the $$ is becoming more of an issue.
  9. highwaydevil

    valve adjustments on a 91 klr250

    bigfatgreenbike, Thanks, that confirms the article I was going by that XDragRacer was referencing. I was adjusting them according to the article. I'm not sure how to describe what I'm referring to in regards to the valve stem sticking into the screw'n'lock nut hole. I guess I'll just resign myself to paying the dealer and being w/o the bike for another 1-1/2 weeks. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  10. I'm pretty familiar with car engines and have done valves before, but 1st time on a bike. I attempted to adjust them on my klr, but now they sound really loose. They weren't closing when I started, and it seems the valve stem is currently sticking partially into the stud hole in two of the valves. How am I supposed to get my feeler gauges in to gap them? Someone mentioned shims, but I don't have any idea where they go. (Again, autos don't have them) Does anyone near Longmont, CO want to make some extra $$? The dealer wants $$$ to do this and can't get it in until the 26th. Any suggestions to help?
  11. highwaydevil

    KLR 250 tachometer

    I tried the battery out of my Vulcan last night and the tach worked fine. Thanks! It's not so much that I'm a scrooge, I unfortunately just don't use the bike much and haven't had problems till last weekend. I was wrong, the battery is only like 6 years old.
  12. highwaydevil

    KLR 250 tachometer

    I have a 1991 KLR 250 and the tach recently stopped showing accurately above 4k. If I turn on the signals, or honk the horn, or mess with my high beam, it will blip up, but still not show correctly. My battery is at least 9 years old and is completely dead. Could this be causing the problem, or is it a wiring issue? The tach as been working fine until last weekend. Thanks in advance.