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  1. Pappy141

    Fractured/Contused Sternum - Healing Time

    Agreed, if you've been concussed more times than you can count, it maybe time to consider other activities. Being spoon fed at 45 isn't cool or macho. Also, why would you partake in high risk activities without insurance?
  2. Pappy141

    RMZ450's are they that bad?

    These bikes are a solid choice for 99% of the riders out there. You can get them inexpensively and there's a wealth of knowledge and information to dial them in. Look at the Vet classes at LL, the RMZ-450 is doing just fine.
  3. Pappy141

    New drz and the wife wants to ride.

    Are you saying that you want to put your wife on the back of your DRZ?...I tried this once and took the pegs off and never used them again. I have quite a few of the mandated mods and with two people there isn't enough power or room. PM me, I think I know what I did with the pegs, just need to dig around the garage...Only used once!
  4. Pappy141

    Just bought new DRZ

    Awesome photos! Thanks for the link.
  5. Pappy141

    Future of the DRZ400!

    It seems we have two conversations going on here...Those with the SM version and those with the S or E. I have a SM that I only ride on the street and it's in need of a lot of manufacturer updates...It's slow and heavy, but it's reliable. I have a ton of bling and all of the popular TT mods done to it but it's still in dire in need of more power and less weight. I wouldn't be surprised to see them streamline and eliminate a model, there's more money to be made due to a potentially higher audience with the SM. I think Suzuki is hanging on by the skin of their teeth, there's a saying in most industries and business that if you're not growing you're dying.
  6. Pappy141

    DRC HC2 Stand

    This is the stand that I bought off CL for $50. Best stand ever for a SM, these bikes are heavy porkers and this stand lifts it and it's very stable.
  7. Pappy141

    Thinking about a DRZSM

    I've taken my DRZ on the highway twice...I don't like one iota. Yes, it's geared correctly and has most of the TT mods. I love my DRZSM for local city riding and tight twisty country roads. The Duke is an awesome bike.
  8. Pappy141

    Race drz?

    This is like putting lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. If you're truly intent on riding/racing on MX tracks, flip the DRZ and buy a used MX bike. Even a 10 year old 450 would be waaay better (450 Yamaha's last forever and are good used bikes). If you're intent on finishing your project, revalve and replace the springs front and rear.
  9. I have the LED blinkers integrated into my handguards on my SM. They look super cool and they're very visible due to the LED's. IMO, the stock blinkers look bulky and heavy, kinda like the DRZ really is, so anything I can do to eliminate that I'm all in!
  10. Pappy141

    Choked Idle Dying after JD Jet and 3x3

    You may have an air leak...Check your carb where it goes into the airbox. . Do you have the stock pipe?
  11. Pappy141

    Noob here. Good deal or no?

    Just curious, where do you plan to do most of your riding, street, dirt or combination?
  12. Pappy141

    drz400sm 38 rear sprocket

    I'm running a 39T with 3x3, K&N, MRD pipe and the JD Jett kit. I only ride the bike on the street and never on the dirt. You do lose a little low end, but each gear becomes substantially longer. I can cruise at 50mph in 4th gear.
  13. Pappy141

    Looking for a 400SM

    I found a 2009SM with 1600 miles on it...Be patient, buy used, your deal will come.
  14. I'm not sure if the RMZ and DRZ are interchangeable, but all of the products that you mentioned are available specifically for your bike.
  15. Pappy141

    Officier Rob - CA lane splitting

    Simply amazing. This is illegal in Michigan, and seems really dangerous. I can't believe that bikes being hit isn't common. I was traveling from LA to SD two years ago and saw this, still blows my mind.