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  1. dazdconfsd

    DRZ E with Athena kit

    Thanks for the quick response. Bike is a 2000 model and the motor only has a few hours on the kit and redone head.
  2. Generally ride under 4k feet and the bike has a full Big Gun exhaust with a quite core in it. Suggestions for some baseline jetting would be appreciated. Would the JD jetkit be worthwile? Also is removing the coast enricher worth the trouble?
  3. dazdconfsd

    Trade: My gel seat for your stock seat?

    I was? I'm not sure how since I'm in a different state and don't have your number. Perhaps you're refering to someone else?
  4. dazdconfsd

    NASTY... ** Warning Graphic Images **

    Are you parting that out? If so I have a request or two
  5. dazdconfsd

    Trade: My gel seat for your stock seat?

    If it's not already gone a lady friend of mine would *LOVE* to do that. She needs the lower height for sure.
  6. dazdconfsd

    Whats this part called

    PM me a offer. You'll probably get it. I was gonna toss it on ebay after the weekend when I'm sure of what else I'm putting up.
  7. dazdconfsd

    Whats this part called

    The breather box thing? I think I have a spare one.
  8. dazdconfsd

    Kick start kit??

    First time you kick it and ride out rather than walk out, it outweighed the downsides
  9. dazdconfsd

    European Stock Tail light- Need one!!

  10. dazdconfsd

    European Stock Tail light- Need one!!

    Until 02 (IIRC) the left one included the ability to turn off the headlight. I'm looking at adapting a different set, but if oem is available I'd prefer it.
  11. dazdconfsd

    European Stock Tail light- Need one!!

    Up for sending a left switch set also? btw - anyone have a picture of this tail light?
  12. dazdconfsd

    help with changing handle bars

    Old sections of road bicycle inner tube can work nicely too
  13. dazdconfsd

    06 ttr 125 has no pilot screw

    Jet kits seem to come with drill bits and screws for this purpuse these days. Works well enough too
  14. dazdconfsd

    I need a Front wheel!

    I have some 97 RM wheels with Excel rims I'll sell off very cheap if they'll fit. I haven't taken the time to try on my S yet though.
  15. dazdconfsd

    Big bore on Pemex?

    93 is availble easily here. Didn't see it at atlitude in CO though and I know California has limited it to 91