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  1. Papa Bear 56

    OT V-10 for hauling my DRZ

    I drive a 2002 GMC Serria 4 door short bed with the Duramax Diesel coupled with the Allison 5 speed automatic transmission. We put 2 bikes in the back and pull a large Coleman pop-up camper fully loaded with water and fuel over Red Mountain Pass in the Colorado San Juan range. Never a power problem. Get out your czk book, it's a good chunk of change but well worth it in my experience.
  2. Papa Bear 56

    Old Guy, New Bike

    I did get some great info from the DRZ FAQ's. First thing off the bike was the shift lever.
  3. Papa Bear 56

    Old Guy, New Bike

    I just purchased a new 04 DRZ400e last Saturday. Last motorcycle I owned was a 1975 250RM. I'm not new to riding, but I'm not familiar with much of the new technology. I'm an assertive, not aggressive rider in Western Colorado, (mtn. passes & adobe hills).Any tips on what is definitely necessary goodies and what I can put off until later? Thanks, I feel like 22 again!