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  1. I pulled mine just for the noise factor, I like quiet bikes and will put it back eventually but for now this thing sings my favortie tune.
  2. slap on the stock wheels with some knobbies and hit the trails, but dont rid yourself of such a great bike
  3. voltron, what FMF claims is a 10% gain in FLOW not HP
  4. I am interested in the details also, I have an '89 katana sitting in pieces in my backyard and those wheels now look like they might get cannibalized
  5. those wheels look good, does your speedo still work though?
  6. the answer to your question is yes the stock "E" model exhaust will fit the power bomb header with no problems, but like they said try to make it quieter first.
  7. what he said, which is also 41mm
  8. anodizing is a thin layer of controlled oxidation on the surface of aluminum that is sealed to prevent further oxidation, it can also be colored to match your tastes. powder coating is a baked on "paint job" that is fairly durable but is much thicker than anodizing.
  9. my '06 is the same as the '05 except the cool new blue on yellow graphics which make it way faster then the old graphics could ever dream of being
  10. what color?
  11. do you want the entire exhaust from the head back or just the muffler portion?
  12. just installed mine, looks good. Installation took about 10 minutes.
  13. when I picked up my "S" from the dealer the battery was still in the crate so I had to wait for the acid to "soak" before they would put a charge on it. this is only what the dealer told me and am just passing it along.
  14. It is possible the battery did not soak long enough before it was charged, causing the battery to not hold any charge put to it.