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    Removing Baffle - create problems?

    Don't respond to that last email....I'm an idiot. Any chucker could see the sticky pinned at the top of the page for rejetting. Great information there BTW. Does the power up kit seem to make a big difference for those of you that have done it??
  2. AtlantaRider

    Removing Baffle - create problems?

    Thanks for the responses guys. This site is great. One more queston for ya....I heard mention of the power up kit?? What's involved in this kit and where can I get one. Again, sorry for being lazy and not doing a search. Try not to flame me too badly and if I'm unworthy of a response, I understand....I'll start searching The path of least resistance is the man way!
  3. Hey Guys, New here so forgive me if this has been asked before. I've got a new CRF80f for my son and a CRF230f for me. Pulling out the baffles sounds like a great idea - gotta love the sound, but didn't know if this would cause other problems. These bikes are made pretty specific these days and I don't want to end up with burnt valves or something. Am I cool to remove?