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    Fuel injection issues on 350 and 250?

    No need to touch TPS itself. The rubber boot goes over the connector (whch you simply disconnect from the TPS), it'll be obvious when you get it. Rather than cut and rejoin the wires to slide the boot on, I slit the boot just enough at the back so it would go over the connector (you can't see that it's been slit). Hope this helps..................Mark
  2. My 2010 CRF450 is standard, except for pro-taper fat bars. Fuelled and ready to race it is only 105kg (231 lbs?). If, you're wondering, I weighed it! Great bike, rode a 2010 ktm 250sxf and it felt heavy compared to the honda.
  3. Exactly the same as my sg10s. Because I had a new 2010 honda crf450 I couldn't put up with the gaerne boots scratching the frame of my shiny new bike to bits and so I've temporarily switched to my old tech 8s whilst I research what new boots to buy. I do think I'll end up with either sg10s or tech 8s again though (but only 'cos sg12s are too much money!).
  4. MisterG

    Suspension Setup

    Hi Lowedog, smart looking subs. I have a spare set of Enzo sub tanks off my old YZ450, have thought of fitting them to my 07. But I'm a bit put off in having to drill and tap into the cartridge cap of these newer Kayaba forks - Did you do this or did you source an adaptor to screw straight into the existing vent plug? (is it about an M4 thread?). Cheers.