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  1. Well I pulled apart the yz and the 07 Honda brake systems,and yz pads are 2/3's the size of the Hondas I was able to get the honda pads to fit by using the Honda retainers. I havent tested this set up yet. I'll keep ya updated...
  2. yep thats what i feel as well, it seems to be the reservoir. I've got a 07 honda I'll try to get to work.
  3. Anybody have any success changing brake pads for better braking performance. thanx
  4. I'm 6'4" forward mount carmicheal hi bend
  5. Illinois

    fox valley off road
  6. anybody
  7. Anybody changed their triple clamps,or know if Kxf clamps will fit. Thanx
  8. Illinois

    Oh dont worry more freestuff is comin,Just not for the "WORKIN CLASS". The rich are on top and the "PO" are on the bottum. the workin class in the middle gettin it both ways.
  9. Illinois

    Dats it right on the head ..But my non typin azz ,would still huntin and peckin to get that out. Thanx Freds
  10. Illinois

    The high taxes are all cuz of the "FREE STUFF" that the state of illinois gives out. and basically were the people payin for all the the freestuff.
  11. Indiana

    Yes , It does suck to be a seller these days...
  12. Ditto
  13. Heres my lil girl...
  14. only thing I seen was that one person was killed at the Honda r&d facility RIP
  15. Illinois

    +1 on MX-TECH outstanding work..