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  1. dirttyD

    Supertrapp exhaust

    i have a supertrapp on a dr350 dirt model. it was on the bike when i bought. when the suspension goes all the way down my back tire rubs the side of the exhaust. i don't think this exhaust works well with the dr350.
  2. dirttyD

    DR350 kick starting tip #3671

    i have been riding a 96 dr350 off road model for a few months now and this thing is really easy to start hot or cold. i never use the decompression lever. when i read about people having trouble starting them it makes me wonder if my bike has bad compression or something.
  3. dirttyD

    Exhaust popping on decell

    I have the same problem. Whenever i get on the throttle hard and then let off the exhaust pops and cracks pretty loud. the bike runs good though and has been reliable so far. I just recently bought the bike used. It is a 96 dr350 with a k&n air filter, opened up airbox, and supertrapp exhaust. these mods were done when i bought the bike. i have no idea if it is jetted or not. anybody know how i can tell if it is jetted by looking at it?
  4. dirttyD

    DR 350 gearing

    I haven't had the bike long, but i think the DR 350 is geared way too fast for trails and woods. This is a dirt only bike, not the dual sport version, i will not be riding on the road, at least not primarily. Right now it is stock 15/44 and i can't get out of first gear on the trails. Anybody know what the best setup for this bike is? I am 6'2'' & 190# 15/47 15/50 14/47 14/50 i don't want to gear down to much. thanks for your help. one more question. is it common for tall riders to lower their pegs? I feel like my knees are bent too much. almost like the bike is too small for me.
  5. dirttyD

    enocuraging a 9 year old to ride

    not to be a downer but kids don't always like what their parents like. My dad tried everything he could to get me to like horses. i actually did quite alot of riding with him even though i did not like it. He hates dirt bikes. i would have done anything to have a bike when i was a kid. no such luck.
  6. dirttyD

    dr350 wheel spacers

    Anybody know where to get a front wheel spacer for a '96 dr350. I want to get rid of the tripmeter. i need a replacement wheel spacer so i can get rid of that cable and the plastic spacer. I can't find anyone who sells them for a dr350.
  7. dirttyD

    DR350 Clutch Question

    i had no idea you could shift most bikes without using the clutch. i definitly would not try to shift my truck without clutching. i guess there is nothing wrong then. the bike never seemed to rev high going up hills or anything like that. thanks for the info.
  8. dirttyD

    DR350 Clutch Question

    Hi, i recently bought a '96 dr350. i have been ridding it for a couple days now and i noticed that i can shift gears without pulling the clutch lever. all i have to do is let of the gas and shift. This may be a stupid question but, is this normal or is something wrong with my clutch. i strongly suspect it is worn out. thanks for any help.