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  1. OK, the title says it all-- short of removing the front forks and dumping oil out the top, is there any quick way to lower the oil height a bit, say 5 cc at a time? Bike is a 2005 WR250F with stock 48mm Kayabas. The shop manual doesn't give any clues. What happens if you loosen the compression damping valve on the bottom of the forks without holding the damper rod? Thanks...
  2. dave2riff

    Biggest tire that will fit a 3.5" rim?

    The new Dunlop D208 Supermoto tire is what I would use in a 140/70-R17 size. It is original equipment on a Suzuki DRZ400SM, and up to now has only been available thru Suzuki dealers (at an inflated price). It will be available thru tire retailers starting later this month. I don't have the Dunlop specs but I would imagine the 3.5" rim would be pushing minimum on that tire. Worth a look, though. Dave
  3. dave2riff

    Biggest tire that will fit a 3.5" rim?

    I have the Pirelli and Avon tire guides and the 130/70 tires recommend a 3.5" rim, with 3-4" allowable. You can go to the tire manufacturers online literature and find specs and tables for most tires. A 140 tire on a 3.5" rim sometimes is allowable but it does change the installed shape of the tire, giving a more rounded tread. As you go lower in profile the tire width must more closely match the correct rim, since there is less sidewall to take up the difference. The 4.25" rim commonly available from Excel and others fits 140,150, and even some 160 width tires, so it's a popular choice. Dave