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  1. 24seven

    WP AER Problem

    Why would anyone listen to the guy that does suspension all day every day Karl ? Understand how you feel mate hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. 24seven

    WP conevalve suspension setup question

    .48N spring will be good with no float or preload on CV spring. You shouldnt have to go more than 370ml oil I do suspension for current mx2 points leader in Australia on FC250 with 340ml oil and they are not soft forks, he can launch anything and does !
  3. 24seven

    PSF 2 Fork Caps

    To answer the original question. Comp side (left) bleeds on comp so all the way through the rod. You could swap them around and wouldnt matter though.
  4. 24seven

    2015 500EXC Harsh Forks

    Stay with the fork spring preload backed out and try rebound at 20
  5. The red cone is 15 degree and the spring is 25Nm that is what the std setting is and what is used for MX 99.9% of the time especially on a 250. How much oil are you running ? On a 250 you can use less oil like 330/340 which will help with the fast rebound as well
  6. 24seven

    48mm Showa Kashima Fork Help

    2010 CRF250R was first with 48mm Showa but the inner cap was different to what you have there and that is a Honda part number on the axle lug for sure. Think someone has built up these forks with a few parts from various Showa forks. The inner caps are like yours on 2012 onwards Honda 250 forks or maybe it was 2011 not sure.
  7. 24seven

    KTM Cone Valve fork or kit or ... ?

    They are SXS forks with a spring tube and adjustable preload via a circlip on the cartridge tube
  8. 24seven

    RT rebound valve 06 YZ450F

    He is saying the bleed hole should be on the reb side according to the spec sheet but its on the comp side in the pic.
  9. 24seven

    YZF 450 /2015 US stacks wanted!

    The model we get in Aus are exactly the same as 2014
  10. No fast MX guy would be happy with the fork setting on that bike. The mid needs to be stiffened and closed up to keep the fork up in the stroke and stop it from diving. I also change the valving on the base piston a whole bunch as well. For going fast and jumping big suspension needs to be stiffer but dont confuse that with being harsh, it can and must still be compliant and have traction. I support a rider who has won National MX2 races on a Husky FC250 with the same suspension that you have and its way stiffer than stock 450 settings. Its all relative to the speed of the rider and type of riding
  11. 24seven

    Fork riding-staying low

    What you think is a problem with the forks is not always the forks. Having said that they might just be too soft and dropping down or possibly the shock is too hard and messing up the balance of the bike. My money is on a bit of both.
  12. 24seven

    Static sag vs. Free sag

    .48 fork springs are good for your weight but a 5.6 shock spring would have been better. I dont like to use shock springs that are too soft but on the KX you could use the the stock spring and that would be closer than the 5.8. We have a ton of guys around your weight on the std. 5.5 which is really 5.4 when measured or the next rate up 5.6/5.7 Ken Factory Spec Suspension
  13. 24seven

    Showa SFF Air Fork Seals

    The 450 has 49mm SHOWA SFF Air fork the seal will be 49x60x10
  14. 24seven

    Initial setup for 2014 KTM 150SX

    The 250 springs will be good for your weight