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    Seen one, seen em all... But look anyway.

    Who cares- being banished to the sofa is just like camping- but indoors with a TV and beer. later P
  2. ogre6br

    Motard front brakes on dirt???

    HI More the issue of how the motard brakes would go on the dirt, than looking to convert from S to SM or VV. AT 350 lbs I will need all the braking I can get. Some one pmed me and said the motard brake would get to damaged offroad- never thought of that. Hands up anyone who's been stopped from riding - MID RIDE- by damage to a brake disc while out on the trails?? Anyone?? I've never heard of brake damage used an excuse for a poor ride B4. Also planning on a mod list including: big bore kit, pumper carb, pipe, cams, suspension rebuilt for my weight, cdi and a large tank. THanks later P
  3. HI Have been looking at a shit load of bikes recently. Had a ride of the DRZ over the weekend. Nice- unfussed and seemed to work well. Had a ride of a DRZ SM last night. Even nicer- even if It was just a quick blat arround the block. chief financial officer liked it to and a lot cheaper than a berg. ?? Wondering how a SM front brake setup would got offroad?? Might be easier for me to get a DRZ SM and convert it for dirt, than get a DRZ and convert it to USD Heavy Duty fronts. If I get a DRZ SM and some off road wheels and fit a SM front brake disc and just swap the wheels over. Sort of like reverse motarding a bike?? just an idea?? later P
  4. ogre6br

    ? problems with 1999/01 big H'bergs

    HI Your a marvel Thanks later P
  5. HI Looking at 1999 600 E and/either a 2001 501 E H’berg. What are the potential problems with either bike?? What should I pay particular attention to when looking them over?? Are their issues with oil filters V screens for certain models and engine life as a result?? Approx- what compression should a good motor have?? Is there a way to check for broken oil return valves without stripping the motors down?? What’s the approx time between top end rebuilds with this vintage H’bergs?? and if poss approx cost$$?? Some boards I have been looking at make mention of the timing chain eating into the cases- is this a big issue and if so how do you test whether a bike suffers from this condition?? What’s the spares back up for H’begs?? And how do the cost of spares compare to more common bikes?? Thanks heaps for your help Later P
  6. ogre6br

    making a 650 R out of a 650 L- how ??

    HI Well that settles that question then. Not going to bother with the L anymore. later P
  7. You bad man- "snatch mite" should be spread smothly, thinly and evenly over golden brown buttered toast and enjoyed for the rich taste that it has, when presented in it's correct state. On the original question. TTR 600 are good honest dual purpose road trail bikes. Equal to a stock XR 600 KLX 650 but a bit behind the later model DR 650's. Workman like engines that get the job done without any fuss. Behind the current XR 650 though. later P
  8. HI Is the XR 650 L the same as the 650 R just with crappy suspension, an electric leg and detuned for emissions OR Is it a different bike altogether to a 650 R?? Is 650 L’s frame the same- design, geometry and strength as the 650 R’s??? What other things does the L have and the R doesn’t and vice versa?? I have been looking at fixing a minor crashed 650 R. The $$ are mounting up (+$2000) and I am now looking at an alternative path. I would like to know your opinions:- if I spend the same money replacing the crappy suspension on a 650 L with a proper suspension set up and fitted a HRC cam will it give me a 650 R with an electric leg?? Thanks Later P
  9. HI Just wondering if anyone has considered or has any experience with EFI bikes?? How difficult would it be to convert a 2003 XR 650 to EFI?? roughly what would be involved to complete the convertion?? What possibly would be gained from the exercise? Thanks later P
  10. HI Thanks John, I was thinking of putting a CR 250 USD front end using showa 49mm forks but I haven't been able to find anyone who can give me an idea what it's going to cost me to do. Or failing that maybe some ohlins usd or the 53mm mazzochii (sp?) from the Husky 510 TE C. I weigh 350 lbs fully dressed in riding gear with camel back and spares so the suspension has to be setup to handle that weight, the bike and mostly sand and mud riding. PLEASE some- suggestions on how I can achieve this gaol?? Thanks later P
  11. HI If you had to replace to front suspension on a bike and the originals couldn't be rebuilt. Would you choose to get facory replacements or would you go aftermarket? Would you go bigger in diameter? If the original shocks were conventional type shocks would you convert to USD seeing I will prolly have to replace the bottom tripple clamp for certain anyway. Bike I am looking at is a XR 650 R 2003 model. It's been in a bit of a bingle and I'm definitely going to have to get a new front wheel and F brakes and the shocks are bent inwards towards the radiators. One of the shocks is completly stuffed. I haven't purchased the bike yet I'm just looking for some idea on $$ to replace and is it worth it to even consider??? From what I have seen its Front Wheel complete including F brakes Front forks and most probably tripple clamps ( and bearings etc) What sort of $$ would this lot cost me??? Do the different colors of Excel rims signify different strengths?? IF yes which is the strongest?? Are thir different strengths of Excel rim?? Are their any other considerations I should be aware of with a job like this?? THanks heaps later P