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  1. Border Patrol

    Availability of 2012 690 Enduro R

    The 690 R is available on the east coast. My local dealer told me the bikes were held-up because there was an issue with the bike's emissions for CA. I'm waiting patiently. This is my next bike
  2. Border Patrol

    Broken scaphoid

    I took my cast off myself at about three months. Went to the doc the next day and had it put back on. You really don't want to screw around with the hands. I have probably 30% range left and pain most days. Doctors are highly trained for a reason. Learn all you can about your condition and then trust the pros. BTW...after breaking scaphoid in my right hand three times I have leared a valuable lesson. Don't fall on an outstreched hand. Forearm to shoulder roll usualy has a better outcome.
  3. Border Patrol

    Broken scaphoid

    Last time I broke that one I was in a cast for 9 months. Yes 9 MONTHS. Tell the doc you want to be in a cast that long. That should do it
  4. Border Patrol

    A Hollister Hills assessment

    We went down to Hollister several weeks ago just to hit a new spot. Not worth the drive from Livermore. If I feel the need to ride a park I'll just hit Carnegie (which is practically never).
  5. Border Patrol

    Had some tense moments on my way home today!

    Agreed...riding in high winds sucks. A jack rabbit between the tire and fender sucks pretty good too!
  6. Going through the garage yesterday I found the original owners manual for my old 87 XR6. It's readable, but in fairly rough shape. Send me a buck for postage and I'll drop it in the mail. Otherwise it's headed for the recycling bin.
  7. Border Patrol

    Anyone ridden Forest hills lately

    It was open as of Feb 11. I was surprised how greasy it was up there. They have obviously seen more rain than we've had in Livermore
  8. Border Patrol

    1987 XR600

    17 inch rear will definitely limit tire choices. The dual carbs can be tricky, but when they're set-up properly they work pretty well. I was on on 87 XR6 before I bought my '07 650L. I gave-up alot for a plate and a happy button.
  9. Border Patrol

    "Jingle" noise taking off from a stop

    The jingling noise turned-out to be a small semi-circular piece of steel that was bouncing around in the pipe. It looks like a piece of the header itself. This was a new one that had me stumped for awhile.
  10. Border Patrol

    Bradshaw Trail access from Palm Desert and Indio

    Sounds like an Ad for the KOA. I have no idea what "Glamis" has to do with this place?
  11. Border Patrol

    Teaching son to ride, where should we go?

    El Mirage is joker central unless you go on a weekday. I'd go to Cuddeback Dry Lake. It's usually pretty much knucklehead free (even on weekends) and provides opportunies to branch out on to some easier trails. My older kids learned on Calico Dry Lake and my youngest on Cuddeback. I would not do anything differently if I had to do it again. Tim
  12. Border Patrol

    "Jingle" noise taking off from a stop

    I realize this is an old post with few serious replies, but I have the jingle too. Unfortunately it's definitely coming from under the right crankcase cover. Sounds like a clip or something. I'm afraid of what I might find. I had hoped to ride this weekend. I guess it's the the smoker or nothing this weekend Tim
  13. Border Patrol

    XR650L runs out of gas at freeway speeds

    Dirty Needle/Seat or improperly adjusted float: Clean/adjust
  14. Border Patrol

    carnegie tomorrow 12/27/10

    Too greasy for me. Heading to the Mojave Thursday
  15. Border Patrol

    Baldy Mesa and Lunch

    You can still get to the restaurant (Hilltop cafe?) all dirt. Climb out just west of the Phelan sand hill. Pretty well-worn path, shouldn't be too hard to find.