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  1. Im glad its not just me, but not glad there are these issues for so many. I disconnected the throttle cables, measured the slide at fully closed with the airbox off. Put the airbox back on, started it warmed it up, opened the throttle manually and it went to the high idle. so its not a cable issue. I then shut it down with it at high idle and measured the slide again. No change. So the slide is operating correct. I did turn the idle way down to where it almost stalls, and it hepled a bit, but then made it a bear to start. Im at a 50 pilot 2.5 turns out now. I may try the flywheel weight next. Im out of options and ideas..haha
  2. Hotstart is new. Cable, plunger all were replaced. Proper play in the cable as well and you can hear it "pop" back when released. ive had the boot off and no visible signs of cracks or dry rot. the shape is good as well, not egged out or deformed. It has the symptoms of an air leak, but I cannot find one anywhere.Thanks for the suggestions guys, keep em coming.
  3. 50 pilot screw as far out as possible..still no change. just feels heavy but idle still hangs. I am fairly certain that it is not a jetting issue. what else are the possibilities?
  4. and the tests have been done inside where is a constant 65 if that makes a difference
  5. Just put i 48 in and 2 turns out on the screw and still no change.
  6. Have a crf150 with a hanging idle. Engine is completely rebuilt. new crank, valves, top end. Carb was cleaned and jetted properly and even tried a different carb just to see. No change when cleaner is sprayed around intake, airbox and engine. timing is correct. What else could cause this issue?? throttle cables and hot start are new as well. Thanks for the help.
  7. I want to rebuild my Ishock W/ Res. and was wondering if anyone had specs or details how to do it. I got it used so nothing came with it. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have the latest and greatest for this little monster..Whats setups are all that have them using??? Thanks in advance....
  9. They are after market Motion Pro bleeders. They are on top of the forks. And ensureing air is out of the system during re-assembly is in TC forks is what i thought was bleeding. Maybe not a perfect term, but what its close. The forks we not on there side at any time..
  10. i know someone has the answer
  11. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me why oil would pass through the bleeders in a new set of KYB forks if bleeding was done properly before assembly. only one leg does it.
  12. Hey guys, was just curious about the 06 yzf450 suspension. Havent seen or heard anything about it and was wondering if its the same setup as the 05. If not, what are the differences..thanks..
  13. Thanks....
  14. hi guys im having a brain fade and cant find my notes...what are the fork oil levels for this machine? thanks for the help..
  15. ill call you now...thanks