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  1. 25year2stroker

    Michigan Ride July 2-12 Rose City/Mio/?

    If i remember correctly its about 57mi round trip from ambrose to deeters with gas behind the bar,wish i could join you fellas maybe next time. Have fun!
  2. 25year2stroker

    Toughest single track in N.L. Michigan?

    Speaking of evart, i was just on the dnr website and it was posted as of today (6/5) the east side of the loop was closed for tree removal from the storm last year. Expected to be closed about a month.
  3. 25year2stroker

    Ive noticed the strangest thing lately.

    "81" 465..."84" 490..."93" 500, never had a use for a 4 stroke....until some pos stole the 500:cry:
  4. 25year2stroker

    Little Manistee or Lincoln Hills this Sun. the 26th

    Sweet! 1 more for the blue team, don't know if it's the season or what but it seems to be a little more orange in the wood's this year:p
  5. 25year2stroker

    Mio/Hunt Creek end of October.

    Sounds like a call to arms
  6. 25year2stroker

    Marquette Michigan (looking for riders)

    I don't know if they use the same format as 20yrs ago but it look's like you have one hell of a ISDE Qualifer route there:thumbsup:
  7. 25year2stroker

    Info on Leota trail system and lodging

    You riding Denton or Leota?
  8. 25year2stroker

    New Truck

    LOL, just for $hits & giggles i taped mine off back in march that's EXACTLY how long it is.
  9. 25year2stroker

    Adding a fuel filter to Acerbis 3.3 tank

    This is what i did: Get yourself about 2/3' of good year 1/4" rubber fuel line(made in USA!) Barbed brass 1/4" "T" 8 stainless steel hose clamps(the ones i found made in USA!) Auto zone had a small in line fram fuel filter(about the size of a 22mm socket) there is smaller one's out there but this one work's fine(made in USA!) I used the tubeing they give you w/the tank to cut up into pieces to get the lengths right b4 i started cutting up the good stuff. I started at the left petcock ran a piece from there between the cylinder & the carb under the intake and close to the right side valve. Put in top of 1 side of brass "T", run a small piece of tube(3" or so) from bottom(long end) of "T" to right side side valve. From the top of the other side of "T" i ran last piece of tube around back of carb between it and shock(install filter here) and to swivel intake on carb. Seem's like overkill but with a little fiddling it flow's good and no rub's or burn's yet:thumbsup:
  10. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    No apologies necessary, i'm in the top 10 on the $hit happens list it could have very well been me:foul: I had to drop off some steel at a buddies dads place down the road so i had a "reason" to be there anyway. Vantolr, feeling any better? The emergency room on a sat night is not a great place to hang out:eek: I'll be there next time nice mix of trail/terrain and the bartender at deeters was easy on the eyes too:thumbsup:
  11. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    Thank's, how'd you guys do? i thought i might catch up to you at deeters but you had about a 1/2 hr on me. I decided to pick my way through the mccct going that way so i think i missed you on the way back.
  12. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    Absolut & pineapple juice(cold remedy:thumbsup: ) see you gent's in the morning i'm headed north:applause:
  13. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    I'll see you guys there at 9:30, brown? F250 w/1 maybe 2 yam's in the back:ride:
  14. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    Still on for 9:30?
  15. 25year2stroker

    Sunday, April 29th?

    Cool, still working some details on my end but it look's like i might be up M33 somewhere sat night. You guy's riding right from the pink store?