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  1. bevo

    08 SM Weight Loss

    Thanks guys! I searched "Weight" and went through 15 pages of posts. The link you posted was pretty cool, loved the math but I did see it thanks. Sorry I did not want to rehash a topic that was beaton to death..
  2. bevo

    08 SM Weight Loss

    Did a search and was surprised that this issue has not been adressed over and over again? So, 08 SM with a pipe and 3X3 mod stock otherwise. Over the next few months I want to send the motor to Eddie for the 50hp work. As part of this I want to see if I can reduce some weight off the bike to up its power to weight ratio. Looking at it with beer in hand thinking of doing reducing sensible weight this is what I came up with. Rotors front and rear. Calipers, front and rear. Chain/sprockets 520 with aluminum core steel teeth. Battery. Fuel tank to plastic. Clutch lever assembly to MX. Front brake master cylinder to MX. Thats pretty much it, not a huge savings but a step in the right direction. The rotating weight savings of the rotors will probably be the best bang for buck. Any idea how heavy the stock wheels are? If you guys have any other items I can do or have done some work your self please let me know! Thanks
  3. bevo

    Supermoto Afternoon

    Great vid!! Makes me want to ride mine, we have the exact same bike and color! Kev, I have some buds who are the Harley or Sport bike guys and everytime we ride together they want to ride my SM, they all love it. Check one out, you will love it!
  4. That 85 GSXR looks amazing! I had a 86 1100 and would love to find another to get back on the road!
  5. bevo

    best car for hauling bikes?

    For me its a home built V nose enclosed trailer pulled by my 08 Civic, it barely notices it and the fuel mileage is only down 5%. My car is standard, half the time i forget its there! You also have to do the math, how often do you use your bike, how far do you go, how much do you drive? For me i drive alott with work so for the 4-6 times a month I use my bike in the summer it does not justifiy a truck. If i was just doing minimal driving I would get a Chev minivan contractor truck with no windows. They all have V-6's are as reliable as a hammer and if you use a strap to pull down your forks the bike will fit no problem. Plus its more secure than leaving it open on a trailer.
  6. bevo

    Reeds, diagnosing.

    I have the same problem and also think it might be the reeds. The first start of the year was one kick now it will catch on the 2nd or 3rd then not start, the plug is also wet and I use no throttle. When I did ride it it had no response off idle, thinking plugged pilot but it died like it ran out of gas. I checked the float and it was working yet i never checked the height. Sorry to hijack your thread but we have the exact same problem, I will let you know how i make out!
  7. bevo

    new guy here, got some questions

    Sounds like you need a DR400, a bit tame but can do anything you want just not the extreme stuff.
  8. bevo

    Reed says he will ride dirty in ATL

    Forget Reed till the weekend, we need more Monster Girls!
  9. bevo

    March 1st in SW VA

    Great vid!
  10. That looks like fun but not for me, I am a wimp!!
  11. bevo

    2011 YZ490 Creation

    I don't think they spent that much time and money working on a motor that is not going to run right. All the problems the old 490 had can easily be fixed today using what we know and have. I think its one of the best conversion bikes out there! Hope it works as good as it looks, and if it don't then, its only temporary!!
  12. Property manager for one of Canadas largest trucking company.
  13. bevo

    For all you two strokers

    That was great, I love all the differnt tones of the bikes! The KTM had the best sound for me even though they all sounded amazing!
  14. bevo

    Suspend Reed for a race

    That one pic of JS leg bent like that looks painfull, hope no one got hurt! I think that was a bit dirty of Chad but nothing both have not done before. This is just the gun powder for the next round!! This year we have way more variety instead of the Ricky, James, Chad show!!
  15. bevo

    does rogers centre sell out?

    That reminds me I have to get some tickets!