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  1. xenostalgia

    Newb to the XR250 scene.

    For my zip code (91351) NADA: ~700 ; KBB: 1300 for a 92 XR250 Hmm well I also want to do some jumping too so that is a consideration. What are things I should look for in the xr250 arena? I'm kinda hesistant to buy older ones, I like the idea of disc's on the front and back
  2. xenostalgia

    Newb to the XR250 scene.

    Hey guys I'm considering getting a XR250 1991+ I want a simple 4-stroke that will be super dependable with low maintence so I can just throw some gas in it throw it on a trailer drive into the desert and ride for the day and come back home with no problems. I'm looking for a bike that will do some trails and some jumps, nothing big maybe like 3-6' high jumps and stuff, nothing huge, wheelies and the like. I had a xr75 1979 back when i was 13 so Its been about 7 years since I've had a bike. I'm about 5'11 170lbs Can you give me an idea of budget? I really want to find a bike for under 800 thats in good condition. What should I look for? I'm not really sure but I have done some research thats why i'm leaning on the XR250 side. Thank you Xeno