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  1. Sweet good looking out!
  2. yeah I agree with you fastgun. The cop did say that a helicopter would have a better idea of which way I was attending on turning. so the placement of my blinkers, however cool they did look, probably got me the ticket. I think I will pick up that Edge II light kit, looks to be the most "factory". Now Im assuming that its not Legal by definiton of the cop that wrote me my ticket, but Ill get my buddy to sign the ticket and if mister pudgy fuzz wants to pull me over again Ill tell him some story that the cop that signed it off said it is okay....or something.
  3. So Im thinking if I put on the Baja designs taillight that has the tag light and put my stock blinkers back, add some reflective tape to the front and back and sides I should be cool. mtbracer hit me up whenever you want. Im usually down to go for a "sporty" ride on the weekends. PM me and we can exchange cell numbers.
  4. This cop was saying that anything other than 100% original factory or "factory replacement" is ILLEGAL. WTF man...I think we are all on Illegal rides then. Bunch of BS if you ask me Man. I've got blinkers, a mirror, and a plate light. I went to the DMV with this set up to take my riding test, and SPACIFICLY asked the instructor if my ride was legit. He looked it over and said it looked fine...I had all the working hardware. I told that to the cop and he kind of Chuckeld and asked if the guy at the dmv had a badge (points to his badge) and if he had a gun (points to His gun). Im like no...but he was a man of authority at the dmv...the cop proceded to pretty much tell me that The people at the dmv dont know crap (which we all know is true) and they are not the ones in a position to tell a motorist if there vehicle is legal or not... He had a point...so I pretty much just played mister nice guy with him..and tryed to bullshit with him.
  5. He pulled me over on Cannon/Imperial Hwy in Anaheim Hills. Right in front of Canyon High.
  6. Here is the "Illegal" set up Im running right now: The rear blinkers The front: The Mirror License plate
  7. Its a long list: Biggest money pit...Viper race car! On the best Pit bike in the world: Sand toys: 86 250R w/CT 350PV making 57whp and 292lb. w/half tank!! Home in the dunes
  8. So on the way to work this morning a very "porkly" bike cop pulled me over (this guy must of been 5'8" 275) and began to lecture me on my turn signals, no plate light, small mirror, and lack of effen reflectors....reflectors...on the front and rear of the bike. He gave me a fix-it ticket for the blinkers and lack of license plate light. I guess he let me off easy without giving me any harasment on the trs yosh. Ive done some searches on here for D.O.T., Cal sert. license plate/tailights bought cannot seem to get any for sure answers on whats legit or not. So besides the factory set up, do any of you know what is compleatly California legal? Or, am I stuck with putting on the factory set up? Now I do have some cop buddies that can sign off the ticket. But the problem is that this cop is a local guy that I see radaring and tickiting all over my area...Infact he told me this morning that he has been wanting to pull me over for these "violations" for over a monthk, but hasent had a "convenient" opportunity tell now. So If I just get it signed off without any changes, Im sure this guy will pull me over again and try to impound the bike. So as long as I find something that is somewhat "more legal" than my Acerebis plate mount and stick on blinkers I should be okay. Any sugestions? Thanks
  9. Well it looks like Im out. Sorry guys that weekend Ill be down is Chula Vista for the C.O.R.R. off road race. I already had this weekend set aside for this race, but somehow I forgot. Ill be around this weekend. If anyone is interested in a OC ride through Santiago Cyn. to Ortega and back PM me. Ill probably go out late sunday morning. Let me know about this weekend if your down, Later
  10. Im down for the 9th. I would rather go to the streets of willow though!! Zac whats up with that?
  11. Check it out: http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=MRX_MBM1_G&tier2=14
  12. I have the CRG mirror that crfonda was talking about. The thing is like a $100 bucks though, thats why I only have one! Matt on the 650r honda was telling me that you can get a pair of replica CRG mirrors at cycle gear for around $60 dollars. Sounds like a deal to me. Having two mirrors, one on each side will definatly be a benifet.
  13. The pic is a large file, over 3megs. I would guess it was taken with an 8-10 magapixel camera. Rick had a problem sending me the photo so he called me and we talked for a few min. Great customer service!! If he has a good shot of you I would recommend buying it, unless you go up that mtn. all the time and can get others.
  14. I bought the rickclemson jpeg of me. I thought it was a good shot, so I figured what the hell its 20 bucks on the CC. Check it out: http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p3/350ROOST/DR-Z%20450/ChadPalomarMtn.jpg
  15. Another one: Pretty much only the 650R on this one. This is the trip back down Palomar with only a few of us. Ive heard of them doing this, a bunch of BS if you ask me. I have no problem with a cop car pulling me over after seeing me doing something illegal and stupid, but to have a tattle tale in the sky just pisses me off. Good looking out man!! Just need to keep an eye on the sky befor we head up.