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  1. Deverix

    Pictures of the 150R at the Track

    I don't have the bike (yet) but having read everything about it, sure it's going to be great for you and your brother. It has more than twice the horsepower that your TTR125 has and the suspension is in a completely different league (far superior) than your TTR. At 6 ft tall though, the 150R is going to be a cramped for you, but you don't weigh too much for it. It is going to be a good fit for your brother. Assuming you guys would get the Expert (big wheel) as the regular 150R would be too small for you guys.
  2. I bet the big wheel is outselling the smaller wheeled version because alot of the early sales are to adults that want a wicked minibike (and the adults are buying the big wheel). The fact that the rules/classes are not clear for racing (in the 85cc class, etc.) may be slowing initial sales into the youth racing market. In any case, suppose that half the kids got the regular R and the other half got the RB (Expert), then the adults got the Expert - the overall demand for the Experts will be higher...
  3. Dunlop 756s! Great tire - a HUGE improvement over the crappy Pirellis that came stock on my 05 CRF150F...
  4. Deverix

    Down with the CRF150R!

    I checked out the R today at my local dealer. The F feels bigger than the R, as the ergos on the R are more compact, more for the youth market. So, I think some people are going to feel more cramped on the R than they do on their F. I talked to the dealer about the expected maintenance, and I don't think it is going to be nearly as bad as people think. Since the 150R uses steel valves rather than titanium, they expect it to be much lower maintenance (and cost) than the 250R/450R - he said you'll probably just need to do a valve adjustment at the end of each riding season. Maybe that was just sales talk but I do think they have tried to make a machine that is as economical as possible for what it is - a racing bike for the youth market. Note: Honda does expect to sell a LOT of these Rs to adults. Now that I have seen the R, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one. But I also don't think I would give up my F to get one. I will say that I have cancelled my plans to put CR85 forks on my F - you can get an R for less than it costs to buy an F and put forks on it... and the R comes with a whole lot more...
  5. Deverix

    Check this bike out!!!

    Yeah, I've seen this and I can't decide if this electric bike is really cool or really weird! Did you see the PRICE? $5,500! Whoa! I think I'll stick with my CRF150!
  6. Deverix

    150 Expert or 250F?

    I'm sorry my comments about EFI caused the thread to go way off in that direction! Your kid looks AWESOME on that 250R and he looks like a good size for it so I bet you made the right decision. Re: the comments about problems first year with EFI, 2008 will be the first year you see it on MX bikes (CRF250/450) but it is already on ATVs, street bikes, trials bikes, etc. EFI will work well the day it shows up on the 2008 Honda CRF250R. Maybe in a few years then we'll see that technology make it down to the 150R! Then we can all swap files!
  7. Deverix

    150R smokes the 270X

    I'm not saying it's not true (don't want to argue), but just an observation that $3750 OTD is very hard to believe for that new bike. With the publicity this bike is getting, the dealers will have very little incentive to discount it. The means the dealer sold it for $3500 (+ tax) and charged no dealer prep. Hhmmm. Seems very hard to believe unless your kid is either a "semi-sponsored" dealer rider or the guy that runs the dealership is your brother! Anyone else in here get their new 150R for $3500 + tax, no prep? Since it is HONDA we're talking about and it is a hot bike, I'm assuming most of the early adopters in here are paying full retail (+ prep) for these new bikes... True?
  8. Deverix

    what to clean Filter with?

    UNI offers a Foam Filter Service Kit that has the cleaner and the oil in convenient spray cans. About $10 at most motorcycle shops... You'll get 3 or 4 cleanings/oilings out of that kit, so it's a good deal.
  9. Deverix

    Inverted suspension

    Also realize that going to "inverted suspension" - in other words a CR85 front end - can cost as much as $1600, and you will probably need to modify the shock as well to balance the suspension. This topic is absolutely already well documented in this forum so SEARCH like everyone else said. The only point I am adding is that this is not a cheap modification. You can try buying parts from people and eBay, etc. but you better know what you are doing if you go that route. Go back to your Honda dealer and see what kind of trade-in they will give you on your barely used CRF150F so you can move up to the CRF150R! You'll get that cool "inverted suspension" plus a whole lot more!
  10. Deverix

    Better bars, Pro Taper SE?

    These bars (ProTaper SE CR high Bend) are about 32" wide - 2" wider than the stock bar. They are marked on the ends for you to cut them down but don't do that - I did cut them and then my brake lever mount ended up in the bend of the bar, causing it not to line up properly with the grip/end of the bar - making it unusable and the bar was a total loss b/c I cut it. I think this is a good bar, but I am going to get a different bar with a different bend that is not quite as wide as the ProTaper SE CR High Bend. I assume it would not seem wide on a bigger CRF450, etc. but it seemed kind of wide on my CRF150. That said, many people hear in TT seem to be very happy with this handlebar and the CR high bend... just don't cut 'em!
  11. Interestingly, Renthal already has a bar listed for the 2007 Honda CRF 150R on their Mini/Mini Racer chart - and it has the exact specs that you provided above with the part# 784-03 The part number you listed above (#671-01) is a fat bar (1 1/8") that would require different bar mounts. Part# 784-03 is the same bar (spec-wise) but it is a standard 7/8" bar. Renthal recommends the following bar for the CRF150F: Part# 799-01 ::: W-775 H-115 R-81 Clamp-208 Sweep-42 For the record, I am ordering this part (799-01) - at 775mm or 30.5", it is 1/2 wider than the the stock bars, and it will be a little taller. The 784-01 bar is actually almost 1 inch narrower than stock 150F bar, and I don't want a narrower bar. From what I can tell, ProTaper does not make a 30" bar... P.S. Part 799-01 is referred to by Renthal as "Generic Mini Racer Wide".
  12. Deverix

    what to do? cr150r

    I think that is an excellent question. People are jumping to the conclusion that everyone would be better off with a 150R than a 150F. I bet we all see pretty soon that the 150F holds its own in the marketplace. It is a better bike for a lot of people. For me, about 20% of the time my riding is aggressive where I'd rather have the add'l power and suspension of an "R". But the other 80% of my riding is (relatively) low speed trail riding, even some technical trails where the 150F can be ridden almost like a trials bike. The lighter weight of the 150R might be nicer for a small GF, but the motor in the 150R might yank her arms off! My initial reaction to the 150R coming out was "I gotta trade in my 150F and get one!". But the more I think about it, I'm not sure I would want to give up my 150F for everyday trail riding. Only one solution - need one of each!
  13. Deverix

    150 Expert or 250F?

    All the big Japanese makers are going to EFI in the next year; all have systems that do not require batteries. I don't know if it will be noticably better than a well-jetted/tuned carbed bike, but I can imagine that the resale value of 250Fs and 450Fs with carbs might take a hit when the market shifts to EFI and carbs become "old school". Seems like it would be a while before EFI would make it to the 150's, though.
  14. Deverix

    Whos making backgrounds?

    I would guess that One, Factory Effex, Decal Works etc. will all make backgrounds for this new racer, as they do for the current 85cc race bikes (and the CRF50s).
  15. Deverix

    What's the top speed?

    I hear people saying this, but consider that the 125 2's were replaced by 250 Fs - That's double the cc's, so why not allow a 170 F to race against 85 2-strokes? The answer may be that the manufacturers have determined that 150cc's is the appropriate size to produce a powerband that can adequately replace the 85s.