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  1. Patrini

    Is 37,000 km on DR 650 high?

    2000 model I bought it in 2004. Was thinking of replacing it with an XChallenge, but after riding a few uncorked ones the engine does not perusade me to get one. So will just get another low k DR. Chrs, Pat
  2. Patrini

    Is 37,000 km on DR 650 high?

    Hey Guys, 118,000km on mine now, used mainly for commuting but the odd long dirt trip etc also. Did a Top-end rebuild at 63,000km about when oil consumption started to increase. Definitely due another top-end now, but thinking may just buy another low k one. bottom-end etc still sounds rock solid. So they do last quite well. Chrs, Pat
  3. Patrini

    Installing DRZ-400 forks to a dr650

    The DR wheel fits straight in, so it is just the adapter bracket for the caliper that I need which is not so hard to make. I think the CR shock dates back to about 94 not exactly sure as I was given it by bike shop. I only have sketch of ign sw brkt, might be better if I try and post/mail you a photo. Due to position new bracket does not use locking position in headstock anymore For the rocker arm I used the bearing off a CR, from memory the CR mount is about 5mm thinner which is obviously the amount I had to have milled off the rocker arm. Sorry I cannot be more precise it was about year ago, I will have a dig through my notes for more info. Apologies if this has hijacked the thread and gone off track a little.
  4. Patrini

    Installing DRZ-400 forks to a dr650

    Hi, Not a DRZ I know but I swapped the front-end off my 97 model RMX250 onto my DR650. I was initially only going to swap forks but stanchion diameter is 45mm so no go. I then considered getting DR triple clamps from a wrecker to bore out, but could not locate any. So swapped entire front-end. RMX Triple clamps fitted on DR frame without pushing-out spindle, there is a slight difference in length but does not affect adjustment. Had to make bracket to relocate Ignition Switch. I am using smaller diameter disc off RMX at present which with good sintered pads fitted is fine off road, would be a problem on road though. I may make up an adapter bracket to move calliper out so that DR wheel can be used – same wheel spindle diameter. I have had to drop forks through triple clamps 25mm to compensate for longer length of forks and get ride height right again. All rides fine and I now have usable damping and correct spring rates – I had previously changed springs on RMX. Incidentally I have also fitted a Honda CR250 shock to the rear of bike. This was also a reasonably easy modification. I had to get suspension rocker arm milled to fit bottom yoke of shock. Also had to move a few things around to sqeeze bigger reservoir in. As I could not source a hefty enough spring had to get one custom made. The shock is about 6mm longer from memory and only just fits in, hence raises rear ride height of bike so had to compensate by dropping forks at front. So this gives me larger reservoir which should fade less quickly, better damping and large range of Rebound and Compression damping adjustment.