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  1. veejay

    Husky CR250 Gear Bag?

    I just used a Bell Bicycle Bag I got from walmart for $10. Works great! Has Velcro loops for attaching and also an optional buckle strap http://www.amazon.com/Bell-Road-Stash-Bicycle-Handlebar/dp/B000AAYBYQ
  2. veejay

    Plastic and Decals for 2002 WR250

    your link is wrong... its www.motoplasticsUS.com not USA
  3. veejay

    Couple CRF150R Ride Video's

    how dare you make fun of Mr. Honda!!!!! If it wasn't for him... shoot nvrmnd
  4. veejay

    CRF150R/CRF150RB is not for the wife or gf

    my wife is a newb on dirt (like me) and got a 150R. Shes been riding a ninja 250 for a little over a year. She's pretty small... 5'2" 105lbs and she's learning pretty fast on it. She only dropped it twice in our 3 hour trail ride and kick started that sucka everytime without my help. Shes the type that doesn't want help unless she absolutely can't figure it out. I think most of it is attitude. If the wife or gf is willing to take the falls, build a strong kick starting leg, and learn how to ride the bike then its fine. the 150f was just so much heavier than the R... and she loves the power!
  5. veejay

    Need spark arrestor and skid plate

    we're running the PMB spark arrestor. Didn't really wanna drop 300+ on a new exhaust. Also got the silent insert which makes a HUGE difference. Got the stuff from crfsonly
  6. veejay

    Saw Kid at Ocotillo With Stock 150R

    we were out there last weekend too... my wife was on her 150R, but I put in a spark arrestor so it would be legal. doesn't matter if they check or not... its a cheap and easy mod My pipe fell off on my Husky CR125 so I was illegal for a bit until we got to the gas station and I fixed it with some bungee cords! haha
  7. heres a link to some of the pics that I have listed by race number (damn this took a long time!! but thought it would make it easier for those looking for their own pics)... http://www.bigheadzracing.com/pages/mediagallery/DDQM.htm here are the numbers that are posted:
  8. veejay

    OTD Prices

    under four five otd!!!
  9. veejay

    OTD Prices

    Well we got the CRF150R Expert today!! Can't wait to get on it... i mean for the wife to get out and get on it! AWESOME deal at House of Motorcycles in San Diego!!! They had an off road expo today and they were hooking everyone up!! If anyone is looking for new/used motorcycles of all shapes and sizes be sure to GO SEE CAL at House of Motorcycles!!! It was the first 150R sold at the store!!! talk to Cal... he is the internet sales manager there. http://www.houseofmotorcycles.com
  10. veejay

    got it, $4213.51 OTD!!! Expert

    Where are you located? 3883 OTD?!? OTD is including tax and registration... is that correct?!!?
  11. veejay

    over time price drop????

    Price will go up... With inflation. Only way It will go down is if you go used
  12. veejay

    got it, $4213.51 OTD!!! Expert

    Cool.... I am going to see if any of the San Diego dealers can match those prices. Weird because LA Cycle says they WILL BEAT anyones prices.
  13. veejay

    Wireless Hour Meters... any sources?

    sears has one for lawn mowers that works just as well. Sears SenDEC Hour Meter
  14. veejay

    got it, $4213.51 OTD!!! Expert

    Why? Are they not reliable? How long do they last? And you know this from experience? thinking of getting a 150R
  15. veejay

    Head upgrade

    nope. not warrantee... they charging me