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  1. Because smokey burnouts are enjoyable thats why its done.
  2. Whip it flat! Dzzzanngg look at that air!
  3. Your gonna get reamed by the no helmet buttholes on this one man.
  4. There is alot of terrain like that out here with alot of busted up rock and shale. Its harder than it looks. Definitly Rekluse terrain.
  5. Just dont loop the next vid. Its like watching a mid 80's porno.
  6. I definitly want a part 2. I love this sheit
  7. I told you that you would get railed hard for this. I personally would like to see a part 2 of this vid.
  8. You are gonna get bent over and rammed hard for this one.Get ready for the fun police to come out.
  9. Doesnt look that bad, almost like a sunburn.
  10. Double Gay
  11. That would look really good with black wheels and a black frame.But it looks killer now.
  12. What do you think bubbas rap name will be when he debut's his first album?
  13. No pics but heres the link to what i got good old dad. http://www.russianladies.com/indexppc.cfm?eckpage=K20610&track=fromgoogle
  14. Lets see some no helmet wheelies down the street
  15. he's a dick