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  1. allume

    hot chick needs help

    you are all awesome, thanks for all the advice! PS: I'm REALLY a chick! And referring to myself as hot got results, right? I will post pics, y'all can judge for yourselves
  2. allume

    hot chick needs help

    I will try that tomorrow, thanks for replying!
  3. allume

    2006 CRF150F Turd.

    gosh, I'm a girl with my first bike, 2005 CRF150. should I be regretting my purchase? it's a bitch to start, but lots of fun to ride...
  4. PLEASE HELP!! I just got my first bike, Honda CRF150. I've had it a week and can't start it by myself. Matter of fact, my neighbor (big, burly dude) couldn't start it tonight, either! I know, they're cold blooded, jetted lean, etc.. but it seems I'm having more trouble than I should. I will research the forums but if anyone has success stories, please write me! I promise to post pics with me riding (if I ever get it started...) THANKS!!