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    Does anyone have a left Radiator and radiator shroud for a 06 RMZ 450? I had a little get off this Sunday, I caught a tree with the right hand guard and the bike flipped over and landed on the top side of the left radiator bending it down and back . It does not leek but it will not allow the shroud to bolt up correctly and is very close to the gas petcock. I will definitely be getting radiator braces, and would recommend everyone to get them before you too have to get new radiators .

    06 RMZ450 muffler question

    I just bought a stock pipe system off of Joe Oehlhof #49 team WBR suzuki , he lives in California, and I live in Indiana. The muffler from his bike was 1 3/8'' outlet and mine is 1 3/4'' outlet. Both bikes are 06 RMZ 450. Is there a difference in witch state you get it in maybe?

    Tighten EVERYTHING!

    My pivot screw was about half way out on my 06 RMZ but everything els was tight. I will keep checking all fasteners though.

    Fisrt 100 hours on 2006 rmz450

    Don't let the ice, snow, and cold stop you from having a good ride. Sunday some friends and I went to Badlands in Attica Indian, and had a great day of ridding. We ride allmost every Thursday year round. We even have a New Years Day race every year in Indian. Just shoot some screws in your tires and go ride. By the way My 06 RMZ has 20 hrs and the valves are in spec and the timing chain was a little loose, not bad but i adjusted it

    what gearing to run in the woods

    I have a 06 RMZ 450 with stock gearing 14-49. I think it works great in the woods, I won my first harescramble on it first time out. Only thing i did was turn up the idle a little. Try it first before you go changing it, GOOD LUCK

    no back brake

    First make sure the line is truly tight. Then try a large syringe, I use the one for removing excess fork oil. Remove the reservoir cap,fill the syringe withe DOT 4 brake fluid, push the air out of the syringe, slip the hose over the bleeder screw, open the bleeder screw and push the fluid up to the reservoir (be sure not to run out of fluid in your syringe and put air back in the line), close the bleeder screw, put the reservoir cap back on, pump the brake to set the caliper. I hope this works for you. Let us know how you come out.

    Just picked up 06 RMZ450

    Congrats, I just finished my first harescramble on my 06 RMZ 450 this thing loves the woods too. This was a team race with a lemans start, you have to run to your bike and start it, the Z started first kick and I was gone. we finished first in the Halloween 100 at haspin acres in Laurel Indiana. Glad you like it

    Can you get this Bike this cheap!

    I got my 06 RMZ 450 in Ohio for $6100 otd last Saturday.

    Coming off kx125, Worried about cornering and weight.

    I'm 5'6 130lbs just switched from a 02 RM 125 to a 06 RMZ 450 and the weight is not noticeable to me, and the cornering is better for me. Make the switch you will not be disappointed,I'm not.

    when will the o6's be out

    They are in Ohio as well I just got mine Saturday so tell him not to give up they should have them anytime.

    06 RMZ 450 on the east coast

    Hey took the RMZ for its maiden voyage today, although it was raining all day the Z still hooked up and turned like a dream. I was able to do all the jumps even in the sloppy mud. This bike handles great and takes turns like no other, even in the mud. I can't wait to get on some good dirt.

    06 RMZ 450 on the east coast

    Hey I just picked up my 06 RMZ 450 in Ohio Saturday, this bike looks great. I will be going to my friends practice track to try it out today (Sunday) I will let everyone know how sweet it is when I get back. It has been a long wait!