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    YZ 2-Stroke Set Up Database

    YZ Year: 2006 Yz Engine Size: 125 CarbMods: None Air Filter: Uni Main Jet: 410 going to a 420 Pilot Jet: 40 going to a 37.5 Needle Position: 3, Stock needle Air screw 2 turns out Altitude where you ride: 2000-4000 ft elevation Reeds: Stock, sometimes Vforce 3. Pipe/silencer: Procircuit Works Pipe and R-304 Shorty Head mod: None Type of Fuel: Unleaded Premium 91 octane Pre-mix/ratio: Maxima Super M/ 32:1 Trans Oil: Honda Gearbox oil 80-85w-Does this weight rob power? Type of Riding: Desert/Mx tracks PowerBand: Top Rear Tire: Kenda Washougle 100/90/19-Front Tire Washougle 90/100/21 Works good and last along time! Gearing-13/49-going to a 48 Sponge: After a day of riding out of the powervalve vet tube. A small pool of oil. Satisfied: Love the 125! Usually the only kid at the track racing those 250fs!
  2. boots228

    What is the bissest gain with V-force3 ?

    I got a 2006 Yz 125 with a Vforce 3 and about 30-40 hrs later after instaling it, I was doing my top end and saw that the 2 bottom reeds has been chipped very small. Also some of the reeds are bent alot because i can see alot of light though them(they arnt closing). Does the Vforce come with reed stops or just that little plastic thing in the back because no stops came with it? I have kept my air filter clean and its jetted very well. Has anyone had this problem? If you did, is there any warranty on it? Im a kid who rides the 125 on the pipe just like its ment to be ridden. Also on the instructions for the vforce, it says for the rubber tab to be removed on the Diagram 2A. Is that for the stock valve and does it make a difference? Thanks