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  1. Riprocken

    Swapping cams - did you have to reshim?

    When I swap cams, leave the same shims in and then check and adjust if neccasary. 3 out of four will be just right on. Everyonce in awhile you will need to adjust, hense why you always check.
  2. Riprocken

    08 drive chain guide

    Not sure which part you are talking about. The chain dampener that raps around the swingarm? Did you install the sprocket correctly? It goes one way as far as working and lining up the chain, it will install the wrong way and then everything does not line up. Try flipping your front sprocket over. If that is not it, post some pics. So I can see what you are talking about.
  3. Riprocken

    Lack of low end – how to increase?

    Go up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket. Maybe even 3 if you want. Try to not use the clutch so much. Be in the correct gear and keep your momentum going. Set up better for turns and entry to hills so you are on the throttle alittle instead of clutching out of a turn or such to compensate for going in too hot or off balance, or off line. The KTM XCs have nice low end if you use it correctly.
  4. 2005 CRF280RX More pics and info here. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/989927-my-2005-crf280rx/
  5. Riprocken

    My 2005 CRF280RX

    Not sure what else to call it, It started out as a barely used bone stock CRF250R, I put an Athena 280 kit, FMF full exhaust, and stg2 hot cam, racetech suspension, carb mods and track rode it for a season. It was great fun. Then I started woods riding more, and started to set it up for such. I have a 12 KTM250SX I track ride now, got tired or hammering the 280f around there. Put a bunch of protection stuff on it, fabbed a works connection brace kit to a devol cage for the radiators. Softened the suspension way up, stiffen rebound a bit, 18" rear wheel, Xring chain. Switched it to Stg1 hotcam. A whole lot of stuff you'll see, I'm not going to sit here and type all that. The R transmission really sucks for trail riding. Not slow enough on bottom, not fast enough on top. So I put an X tranny it in,, along with a host of other X parts that had to do the swap. Had an X primary gear CNC'd down to around half its height .165", used that and another X primary gear to space the R primary gear out the proper distance to meet up with X clutch basket setup, that is running R main gear with X kicker gear. Had to use X HotRods Complete Crank, X balancer, X water pump drive gear and X primary side cover. Oh and X rear brake pedal. And I put an X stator in there while I was at it. So now I have an output to use for lights if I feel like adding them and a voltage regulator. Replaced all bearings while I was in there. New crank, new top end, & of course gaskets. Everything feels great, it fired up on second kick. Been way too wet here since storm moving through, hope to break it in and ride it next week. I really hate cleaning muddy 4 strokes, yes 2 strokes are easier to clean, so its going to have to dry up just a little. The rest in links so it dont take forever to load. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PB035512.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PB035511.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PB035508.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PB035506.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PB035505.jpg Engine, Primary side, how it is setup with spacers (1 Xprimary gear,1 Xprimary gear CNC to .165" thick), takes up the space where electric start would be, and alows me to run the heavier duty R output and clutch gear. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PA255497.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/cj-s4/Motocross/PA255488.jpg
  6. Riprocken

    Wheel Size

    No the outside diameter of the tire is the same, unless you change the sizing to make it bigger. Go to a 110 from a 100 series would add alittle, not much. The main reason for a 19 on the track is handling. The less sidewall allows for less tire flex. The weight diff is not much considering, but it does feel different having all that tire if you are used to a 19. The main reason for 18 off road is,, less flats when riding over rocks or logs and such, you can run lower pressure and not get a flat. 18" @ 12PSI handles better on rocky trails, then a 19" running 15 or so to keep from pinching tube, and your rim is more protected. You can run as low as 8 or 10 deppending on how fast you are hitting stuff. With a 19 the only time I run less than 14 is on a nice rockless track, then I'll do 13 or so,, but come up short on a jump and its pinch flat time.
  7. Riprocken

    2005 cfr250x Cam lobe damage/ Concaved lifter buckets

    Could if I had the tools. I know a guy that has a cutting set, he does my recuts. I do the rest. Do not lapTi valves,, starts rapid distruction of the coating. Then valves go prematurely.
  8. Riprocken

    2005 cfr250x Cam lobe damage/ Concaved lifter buckets

    Depends on what you are using it for and what kind of power you want. I ran a stg2 in my 280R while I motocross track rode it. It was great top end power. But it has next to no bottom, mid is signifigantly lowered it was kinda like riding a 125 with 4stroke power. I was always pinned and shifting to the next gear. It signs of right at the rev limiter so you need to be quick to shift it at the right place or you will bang the rev limiter. Now that I woods and trail ride the same bike I run the stg1 cam. Lots of bottom and mid and some top, it is almost perfect for woods and trails. Also Hotcams has other cams available other than the stg1 and 2 that are available all over most web sites. Check out there page.
  9. Riprocken

    2005 cfr250x Cam lobe damage/ Concaved lifter buckets

    They are giving you the run around. You would need to pack a few rocks in the head to do damage like that. It is oubvious that their build caused the failure. I would not have them working on my bike. I also would not reuse that head unless you find what caused the failure and fix it. Buy a new head from Honda and install new valves yourself. That is what they should do for you at this point, since they are not compitant enough to own up to their mistake and make it right for you. Sucks, thats why I work on my own, I've learned the hardway too many times. Most of the tech at shops are idiots, and you have to pay for it.
  10. Riprocken

    2005 cfr250x Cam lobe damage/ Concaved lifter buckets

    I dont think it has anything to do with the big bore kit. Something was stopping the valves from opening completely or binding up the buckets,, I suspect your head builder made a mistake.
  11. The gopro hero 3 is about to come out, if it hasnt already. Wait for that,, or get a Hero2 when it comes out for lots cheaper than now. I have a hero 2 love it. Works great and can be used for all kinds of things.
  12. Riprocken

    250R transmission into a 250x?

    Im not sure yet as I have not put it in the frame yet. Just finished up the engine build, working on the bike reasembly today. I have been running this R as my woods and trail bike for awhile now and the R tranny was not doing it for me. I am hoping it does what I wanted it to do. I am running a 280cc kit and it pulls 13/48 gearing no problem at all. Except, first is not slow enough for really tight single track and 5th on fire roads, my buddies TTR225 had a higher top speed. I will post results when I ride it next week after this Frankenstorm thing blows through.
  13. Riprocken

    250R transmission into a 250x?

    You can do it, but you'd have to ditch the electric start. You would need to change to the R, tranny, crank, and all the primary side gears and balancer. Along with an R primary side cover. Yes it will work, I just put an X tranny in my R,, and had to do that exact but opposite. Plus since I dont have electric start I had a custom spacer made for the X crank, so I can run R crank and clutch gears with it. They are heavier than the X gears of comparable placement. I have all the parts from my R that are needed. Tranny, gears, balancer, and side cover. I even have a brand new R Hotrods crank that I ordered before I realized I would need the X crank. I also have a slightly used stock R crank that is in spec and usable. PM me if you want them, for a reasonable price. I'll pack it all up and ship it like a kit. The only parts you would need to aquire that I do not have is, R crank output gear to clutch and the clutch basket large gear. I do have the R starter gear for the basket. But you can get a used R basket, to use for the gears on ebay, and the crank gear that is missing too. Thats where I bought all the X parts to change it over.
  14. Riprocken

    Athena big bore kit

    And its easy to over come the engine braking,,, stop letting off the gas.
  15. Riprocken

    I want to put X brake light on my R

    Call me old but anymore I just like to ride. I don't mind a slow ride with my quad buddies. Yes its hard to go that pace all day, and I usually lose them a few times for some fun. I have plenty of moto buddies that its always wide open too, most of those guys don't like to do woods. A few do but I don't get to see them guys all that much. Diversity I guess.