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  1. donbartlett

    Degreaser For Tanks

    I have found the best cleaner in the whole wide world is called "Oil Eater" and it is sold at Costco........... Let soak for about 2-5 mins, then pressure wash.......Love it!!!!!! Don Bartlett
  2. donbartlett

    2006 450EXC clutch protection

    Been there a time or two......Nice to meet you neighbor! Don Bartlett
  3. Great heads up there Jeb; I would pass on to all that it has really become a world full of BULL$%^# when it comes to finance companies. I really do not trust any of them anymore. They seem to tell you one thing and then literally LIE later for the sake of a buck or two. My best advice to any of you that are going to finance a bike is to avoid the biggies at all costs : Conseco, Capitol One, G.E., and ESPECIALLY Household.(I think also HSBC or something like that) Try if at all possible to finance (If you must; I did too) through a private credit union. less hassle, better service, and more of a trust factor. A lot of times smaller can mean safer in terms of trust and not getting F&^%$#@ I am no financial adviser, but I have gotten it in the rear enough to know that I would like to save others the sheer frustration. By the way, on a positive note; I too had to finance my new '06 450 EXC.....and DAMN am I glad I did!!!!!!!! BEST BIKE I HAVE EVER OWNED.........BAR NONE!!!!! I will include a ride analysis at a later date.......(Have to go to work....Rats!) Take care, Don Bartlett
  4. donbartlett

    2006 450EXC clutch protection

    Very glad to help out! P.s. if you dont mind, what part of Wa are you in..... I am in Stanwood and usually ride at either Walker valley, or mosquito lake in B'Ham. For the "Good rides" we usually go to the east side like Taneum, or Little Naches area........ See ya around, Don Bartlett
  5. donbartlett

    ktmtalk problems?

    Ya, I see what you guys mean, sometime today I found myself on a corner ready to sell myself because of the withdrawls.......... Well, maybe it was'nt that bad Besides, I would not have made a dime I guess this goes to prove you can take the KTM site from the guys, but you can't keep the guys from KTM sites........ .....Or something like that MWHAHAHAHA
  6. donbartlett

    ktmtalk problems?

    Quote: Re: ktmtalk problems? server is getting an oil change Do you think it is Synthetic or Dino? Had to throw that out...... Nice to we have an alternate...Kind of like a back up G-friend Oops, Did I say that???? MWHAHAHAHA
  7. donbartlett

    2006 450EXC clutch protection

    I personally would highly reccommend it unless of course you don't mind killing a ride, and have the money to buy a new slave cylinder. I got mine on E-Bay for $24.99 plus shipping made by "Bonz" It is black anodized aluminun, and it fit very well. almost half the price of others I have seen. Here is a link to see it: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KTM-250-400-450-520-525-clutch-slave-case-protector_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34284QQitemZ4584446161QQrdZ1 Personally, after I have dropped about Nine grand after all is said and done, I like to have all the protection I can to protect my investment!!!!! I hope this helps you out. Don Bartlett
  8. Hey troops!!!! Some quick questions for those of you in the know out there: Can somone give me the best specs for jetting the carb on this bike. I live in Wa. State, and typically ride no higher than about 1500 feet ASL.???? Also, Have any of you heard about difficulty in getting the trans / Shifter to go into neutral from either first or second gear with the bike running???? Any advice and or comments appreciated. Thanks all, Respectfully, Don Bartlett