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  1. My speedometer stopped working today after filling up at a gas station. I noticed a clicking noise coming from the front wheel. There is a screw that holds the speedo cable's rubber boot to the front wheels housing, the plastic around that screw is cracked. I think because of the crack, the screw isn't holding the cable in snug enough and instead of turning the cable, the tab in the housing is moving and clicking the cable's tab where they're supposed to engage. I know the cable is working cause I unplugged it from the speedometer/instrument cluster and it moves when i manually turn from the other end. It's possible the instrument cluster is broken, but I doubt it seeing as there is a clicking noise and a crack in that piece of plastic. So...ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THAT PART? The one that is part of the front wheel and connects to the speedo cable? Now I don't know when I should fill up. Thanks.
  2. Go figure, now it works. I guess the bike just needed to be rolled a little more.
  3. So I just wanted the clutch lever to engage a little earlier, so I adjusted it at the lever and down by where the cable meets the engine. Now, I can't get the bike into 1st or 2nd without stalling! I fire up the bike in neutral, but when I shift it stalls. I've been playing with the two bolts where the cable meets the engine and have tried with both it tight and loose, neither will shift without stalling. Once again, my bike is not working.... Thanks guys!
  4. Bought the thin wall socket, MUCH easier to get out with the right socket hahaha! Turns out the spark plug cable had some sort of problem, when I put pressure on it in certain directions it fired right up. Of course, when I tested the plug it always sparked, must have been a coincident, cause everytime I put the plug back in the bike wouldn't turn over. I pulled the cap off the spark plug cable and pulled the wire out a little more, so far so good! I'm starting to know more about this bike than most should ever have to know...but it's good!
  5. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L hard to start when already warmed up...

    Took the carb out, checked everything, ended up braking the fuel screw by over-tightening it, eventually got it out. That wasn't the problem. Turns out the spark plug cable had some sort of fray in it, when I moved it around and put pressure in random directions it started. I pulled the cap off and straightened out the wire inside. So far so good, ah....
  6. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L hard to start when already warmed up...

    I've played with the fuel screw, bike won't even roll start today. I'm missing class because of this stupid thing. I also can't get the spark plug out, I don't have the tool kit that came with the bike.
  7. how the hell do you get the spark plug out? I removed the seat and tank and still couldn't get it out, what size socket do you need, cause the socket I use on every other spark plug out there doesn't loosen it at all! Now I'm missing classes today cause of this stupid bike.
  8. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L Stalls, won't idle, can't be ridden

    Ahhh, cool. Thanks.
  9. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L Stalls, won't idle, can't be ridden

    If there is fuel after draining from the carb drain screw, what does that imply?
  10. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L hard to start when already warmed up...

    Well, I must not have the right size spark plug socket because after an hour with two different sizes and feeling like I was actually doing something, the spark plug hasn't moved. And whose idea was it to put the spark plug in the most hard to get to place on the whole bike? Seriously.... Anybody know what size socket fits the spark plug? I bought the bike used and it has another spark, which I'm sure fits, in the seat pouch. The socket I tried fit that one, but won't get the one that's in to come out.
  11. 94XR650LaJolla

    XR650L hard to start when already warmed up...

    So a bike with a fouled spark plug can run just fine when it's going, but sometimes be impossible to start? How would it be that it starts when I get it rolling, but hardly wants to start when I use the e-start? Honest questions, I pretty clueless. The guy at the shop said 4-strokes can be hard to start when they're warmed up sometimes, but this is rediculous... I'm going to check that plug out right now, brown is good, white is lean, black is rich, right? Thanks guys!
  12. Meh, suing people is gay, even if it is a multi multi million dollar world renown golf course.
  13. Haha, almost...Actually, maybe it's just the tuning of my bike, but I'm already thinking it's not fast enough, I know I know- I did a ghost wheelie two days ago and I already want something faster! Since I never see dirt, I'm always shifting at wide open throttle, and it just doesn't make much sense to try and make a XR650L a fast street bike, I think I'm going to look into trading towards an already modified motard or street bike. I love how solid this bike is, but between the weight to power ratio, and how it's giving me problems trying to start it when it's already warmed up (incredibly inconvenient!), I'm going to check out the field. Until then, I'm thinking about painting some stuff black since it's now scratched on both sides, but I won't do that if anybody thinks it will effect the resale value.
  14. Aparently, the answer to my equation, 60MPH+GOLF BALL TO HEAD= ...$800 That's what the check I'm looking at right now says. Thanks stupid golfers.
  15. I fear shutting my bike off when I know I'll need to start it within a half hour, cause it normally won't start. If it does make it as far as turning over, I'll rev it in hopes of it not shutting off and a couple seconds later it dies as I'm reving it. I've played with the idle screw and that seems fine. Could it be my fuel screw is too far out? I'm running 55/158 .024", Twin-Air, no snorkel, about 2 1/4 turns out. Could it be a bad spark plug? If I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes it starts. Thanks guys.