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  1. nishi

    Stuck rear axle 2004 CR125

    I had a Yamaha axle do the same thing. I had to cut the axle on either side . remove the rear wheel I found a socket the same size as the axle and another slightly larger than the axle and press it out . you can use either a press or if your vise is large enough to get it in. The axle is frozen onto the inner spacer between the bearings / It sucks you may wind up having to buy a new hub
  2. nishi

    02 exhaust flange, what's the deal?

    Well here today is the truth behind it all, The 2002-2003 Exhaust flange is the same, Boyesen makes an alum flange for the 02-03. They also make one for the 2004 which is the D shaped flange inside. While a lot say that there is no difference between the stock one, Boyesen or Pro circuit by looking at the inside of the port flange opening other than the 04 having a D shape internally on the Boyesen, there is a difference between them it is the length, only a few millimeters is the difference, a slightly longer one will provide more bottom end than a shorter flange The Boysesn 02-03 flange is 41.96 MM long while the 04 is 33.71MM long
  3. nishi

    Lithium battery safety reminder

    ^^ No battery = no efi= no starter = stranded.....
  4. nishi

    Lithium battery safety reminder

    Another reason why I still prefer a carb over F.I.
  5. Why make what is so simple so hard. Look under the Gal. of gas used on the Ratio rite drop below and it shows how much oil to use per the ratio you want. Remember how many oz's per gal and stick with it. or as stated above do the math
  6. I'm looking for a 16X1.85 Black kx 85/100 rim preferably in black Having a hrad time finding one at a good price (new) also looking for a TTR 125 front rim 19X1.40 36 spoke I want to mount it up to a 1991 KX 125 front hub. I would prefer an Excel or Pro Wheel rim. Has anyone done this? I'm buildinga KX 80BW with a KX 125 motor in it. I'm also putting on the KX 125 front forks, has anyone had their suspension( front forks) lowered by a reputable company? I need to have them lowered 2 1/2'' I'd rather have 9 1/2'' of good suspension than 10 off an 80. maing a hard core adult play race bike. Thanks for any input you have. I have searched ebay and such and all the rims are 100.00 +
  7. nishi

    2009 kx 250f or 2009 yz250f?

    Have an 09 kx 250f it rips motor is really strong instant power hits like a mild 2 stroke very resonsivemotor!! suspension is very good set sag @ 102-105 would suggest going to the 22mm offset clamps only downfall of the bike is the xtra 400-600 for new clamps but well worth it
  8. nishi


    BBR shifter is the best its alum 1'' longer and you dont need the linkage arms IMS is steel and looks crapy Can order from BBR Directly WWW.bbrmotorsports.com
  9. nishi

    TTR-125 question

    Possible leaking crank seal allowing oil into the cyl area?
  10. nishi

    Riding Near Fresno?

    Bakersfield , Hanford, Tulare, Madera all have MX tracks Check out motocrossactionmag.com look up cal riding areas You should have known!
  11. nishi

    Ttr 125 Front Fork Swap Info Needed

    Dude go with a BBR swingarm and get works to make you a custom shock 14 1/16 long if you go with the yz 80 front end mand make a new longer control linkage it will get you 10'' rear wheel travel see june issue Mini Moto 2006