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    Won this street legal wr400f on ebay, Opinions? Advice?

    Nice buy, I've a 2000 WR 400 , put a baja designs kit on it and dual sported it prior the the CA nazi socialist enviromentalists shutting down the program in '02. This really irritated a CHP officer one day in Lee Vining , CA when, he thought he was making a killing pulling me over. I am keeping the bike so as to jump from trail to trail and ride all the "trails" the same Nazi's have closed to non street legal vehicles. Best investment on this bike is the pro taper bars and Scotts Steering stabliizer to straigten her out in 5th gear whoops. With Yz Cam timing adjustment, clip the grey wire, cut the throttle stop and a good , quiet exhaust system and the bike is bombproof and plenty fast. Service intervals depend highly on frequency of rides, river crossings, mudd, sand etc. Service the Swing arm and shock linkage every 3rd or 4th ride, Adjust the valves every 6 or 7 and the motor will last forever. A real nice plus is the 100 mile range on the stock tank. I sell gas on the trail for 2 beers per ounce to all my honda and KTM buddies to help them get backjk to the gas stops when they all run dry on long singletrack loops. Great bike, Have fun and RIDE It!