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  1. nurooi

    08 250 xc/w fuel cap issue

    Not a stupid question at all but no I am not over filling the tank. As per the owners manual I fill it to about an inch / inch and half from the neck....Even with a half a tank of fuel it leaks around the breather hose.
  2. nurooi

    08 250 xc/w fuel cap issue

    Hi All, I was wondering if the saga of the leaking 1/4 turn fuel caps has been resolved by KTM yet. I have searched the forum and checked the previous posts but was wondering if there have been any developments in resolving this issue. I have an 08 250 xc/w and it is leaking as well. Any advice as to the best route to resolve this would be appreciated. Cheers Nurooi
  3. nurooi

    Dumb@55 question

    Thanks to all those that responded....Removed the bolt and one quick yank and presto off she came...Thanks very much.....Nice to have all you mechanics on hand 24*7.... Cheers Nurooi
  4. nurooi

    Dumb@55 question

    Enterprise, thanks for the reply. I removed that bolt but I cannot get the seat to budge. I assume I have to slide it to the rear of the bike but it wont budge a suasage. I therefore assumed there must be some other bolts I am not aware of. Cheers Nurooi.
  5. nurooi

    Dumb@55 question

    Hi All, Just got the 08 250 cx/w and would like to know how I get the seat off. Manual that comes with the bike is pretty useles. Sorry for the stupid question but any help is appreciated. Cheers Nurroi
  6. nurooi

    Pilot Circuit

    Eddie, I am not sure what the pair valve is so I looked it up on the net. Seems to be a pollution control device installed on a motorcyle. On the Yamaha I guess that would equate to the AIS system which has been removed on my bike with the relevant AIS removal kit. Hope this answers your question. Regards Nurooi
  7. nurooi

    Pilot Circuit

    HI Eddie, Checked last night and the slide is in the right way around according to the manual. Anything else you can think of. I have the GYTR fuel screw with a JD jetting kit installed. Red Needle 5th clip position as per the jetting posts on the WR forum for my altitude and temperature. Regards Nurooi
  8. nurooi

    Pilot Circuit

    Thanks Eddie, Will check this. I did have it out and I followed the manual to re-install it. I thought it could only go in one way or so it seemed from the manual. Regards Nurooi
  9. Hi Eddie, I read this article about the Pilot circuit and it states " seems like the most common jetting issue that comes up are pilot circuit related.the following is a sure method to choose the needed changes. with the bike warm and idleing turn the fuel screw in till the idle drops/misses.then go back out till the idle peaks/smooths. this should happen between 1 and 2.5 turns on a fcr carb and 1 and 3 turns on a cv. if you end up at less than 1 turn you need a smaller pilot jet.more than 2.5 (or 3 turns on a cv) you need a bigger pilot jet. choose the appropriate size and retest I have a WR450 06 and am battling with the pilot circuit. I tried the above and am still battling. I went as far as a 52 pilot and now have had the blokes drill it to 55 as I am still at three turns out. Is there anything else I should be trying that may resolve the issue. My altitude is 1750m temp. approx 25 degrees Celsius. Regards Nurooi
  10. nurooi

    Changing Gears

    Hi There, I did a search on this when I got my 06 model and the concensus is that going up through the gears use the clutch due to the load on the transmission. Downshifting is not as much of an issue. After all the contrasting views I figured they put it on the bike for a reason, may as well use it. regards Nurooi
  11. nurooi

    Top ten Genuine parts

    Recently bought: [1]. Oil; [2]. Spark plug [3]. Oil filter; [4]. Coolant; [5]. Various nuts and bolts; [6]. Clamps for the hoses into and out of carburettor. [7]. Tank bolts; [8]. Decals [9]. Chain lube; [10]. Levers Set of clutch and brake as well as tyre tubes. [11]. Various jets and fuel screw; [12]. Exhaust packing. Not in this order.
  12. nurooi

    Fuel screw replacement

    Thanks Josh. Thats what I wanted to know.
  13. nurooi

    Fuel screw replacement

    Turismo, Thanks for this. I have the link BUT what i am looking for are instructions (for a noob) to remove the stock fuel screw to be replaced by the new fancy Blue GYTR one. Regards Nurooi
  14. nurooi

    Fuel screw replacement

    Hi All, Sorry for the dumb question but: I have just received my GYTR fuel screw and the instructions refer me to the manual to remove the old one. I cannot find any reference to its removal. What I would like to know is must I remove the bottom of the carb to get it out or just unscrew it until it falls out. Your help would be appreciated Regards Nurooi