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  1. WR TOM

    Looking for feed back on Recluse on an E

    Had the Zstartpro on 2 Huskies & loved them. Ordered one for my 2007 DRZ400E, did not research it & when it came it was the EXP. Totally different design. Took a $200loss never installed & sold it. Weak design & looks like nothing but a hassle over the long haul. Adjusted using the clutch lever & needs checking every ride. Installed the Z Star Pro on my Huskies & never had to adjust in over 14,000 miles. Removed my clutch lever, was never needed. The EZP is nothing but a clutch pack replacement the replaces a few of your stock plates & expands with motor RPM's. Not a great bullet proof design as the previous design in my humble opinion?
  2. WR TOM

    Norra Mexican 1000

    Norra for me a very low class operation. I was scheduled to be a co rider in motorcycle class with 007 Corky Buryl. 3 weeks before the rally I had some health issues & could not go. Several E-mails later I called & was told basically tough luck on getting my over $200 back. He said they might, might give credit for next year! At 75 there might not be a next year? I know they need every penny they can get as I am sure it cost a lot to get Robby Gorden to come out! Not a very stand up operation in my opinion. Be aware once you pay your money it's gone.
  3. WR TOM

    Lowering link

    If you decrease your sag & turn in a couple clicks on compression damping it will not blow through the travel! You gain over an inch. Doesn't sound like much but huge on a long days ride off road.
  4. At 74 years old & still riding my criteria for continuing to ride is when I can no longer change my tires If you in the outback it's a must do!!
  5. WR TOM

    Lowering link

    Kouba Link & set your sag at 3 inches, raise forks 3/8's in clamps. Better over all!
  6. WR TOM

    XR650L coil options

    Won't start, bad CDI or battery almost gone in my experience.
  7. WR TOM

    oil for use with Revloc auto clutch

    There is a Revloc web site from Australia. Rotella T is what Rekluse reccomends. Always worked well.
  8. WR TOM

    XRL Linkage Zerks

    They did away with the mutiple zerks in 2004.
  9. WR TOM

    son of a....

    Fram CH6015. O'Rielys
  10. WR TOM

    2000 650r clutch problem

    With the side case off when you pull the lever does the pressure plate move in & out equally? Mabe a broken clutch spring.
  11. WR TOM

    2005 Honda XR650L - jetting question

    Usually temps not elevation dictate choke or no choke on start up.
  12. WR TOM

    New muffler...yes or no ?

    Stock muffler, ugly, quiet, efficient. Have had both & the slight performance gain with the aftermarket can is not worth it for me. Will never go back!
  13. WR TOM

    Torn between the R and L

    How good the XRL is off road depends on how good the rider is off road?
  14. WR TOM

    1997 xr650L

    Great buy!! Big tank, skid plate & go!
  15. WR TOM

    4.7 clarke reserve fix

    Have had all the tanks mentioned on my XRL at some time or other & I got the Acerbis & sleep better at night! Just too old to be tipping over a 300+ lb bike!