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    East PA

    This has nothing to do with pitbikes but I live in New Ringgold right near orwigsburg. We ride alot of trails in New Philly and around the area. If you ever want to go for a ride if you have a big bike let me know. nfisher@excite.com is my email. Usually go every weekend with some people.
  2. nfisher

    KDX200 Wanted

    I know this is a little older than you were asking for but I have a 1997 KDX220 that I am almost done putting back together, I just refreshened almost the whole bike. I live near orwigsburg, PA. If you are interested at all let me know and I can get you pictures for this weekend and email them to you. Its not quite stock; has most of the typical upgrades like the pipe silencer, kdx200 carb, rejetted, stiffer springs, etc. Thanks
  3. Whats up guys, ive been really interested in getting into the 50 scene and have been researching the knock-offs more so than the hondas. From what I've seen and read the thumpstar 125s/upc seem to be some of the best. Problem is I can't seem to find anywhere to buy them and at the cheapest price. I was wondering if someone could point me to some cheap dealers online. thanks for the help, oh yeah are the footpeg mounts real weak on these as well?