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  1. Thanks M8. Really good of you..., I know how much work goes into this... Cheers D
  2. DJPdesign

    Any1 live in England on here?

    South Wales..... Nice and Wet at the moment!!!!
  3. DJPdesign

    Grips for sissy hands?

    Hello, I use Renthal Dual Tapered Grips, depends on how big your hands are…. I am not sure that the grip is the problem. I used to get really bad blisters because of the gloves. Try to find some gloves that do NOT have a seam in the inner hand. Alpinestars do some where the inside surface is one piece of material. The seams make the gloves “bunch up” and this is what gives you blisters IMO. Failing that, for a tough race I actually tape my hands. It really helps. Plasters or electrical tape works. One strip across the base of the fingers and a few loops around the thumb. Do not put the tape on too tight. Practice without tape and you hands will slowly toughen up…. Good luck, get some gloves and some tape.
  4. Thanks Mate... Will Seed. Last ones have been great quality. I am sure everyone really appreciates the time and effort that has gone into this... Thanks again. Dan
  5. Many thanks, great quality. Much Appreciated, keep up the good work. Dan
  6. DJPdesign

    05 frame/fuel mod?

    Thanks for that info. Does anyone know if the frame internal volume from the spars is connected to the verticle front box section via the head casting? Thanks Dan
  7. DJPdesign

    05 frame/fuel mod?

    Does anyone have a volume for the O5 yet? Cheers Dan