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  1. Good thanks
  2. motos aren't in a wood framed box with cover around it?
  3. I would like to know how can we lower a bike, because I bought a used one and I think that the previous owner lower it cuz if I compare to my friend's mine is really low... Do they install a shorter spring ? Do they revalve ? Or maybe my shock is dead ? I'm 6'6" and I would like to have my bike the highest possible.. or at least.. as high as it supposed to be. Thank you very much for answering !
  4. I did just take it out of storage but I drained the old gaz, I did change my oil, I did change my air filter... But I did not clean my jet.. I'll try this and I'll check my mixture... Thank you very much for answering me
  5. Ok. I'll try this. But it's really a jetting problem ? My idle is fast and I need to give a lot of gaz to make it start whitout stalling... Anyways I'll check the jetting setup but if anyone got any others suggestions ? Thanks for your answer.
  6. Hi, i don't know where i should post my problem because I not sure, and i'm pretty sure it's not a jetting problem but I wish someone here could maybe have an answer for me. I have a 2003 YZ250F and when I'm in gear and I hold the clutch, my engine always get stalled...I need to give a lote of throttle to keep it run... I thought that my clutch was too tight (i mean that if I hold the clutch lever and the clutch still slip..) so I ajust it and it didn't solve my problem. And I found that if I stop, get in first gear and try to start while leaning a bit my bike I get stalled.. even with a lot of throttle.. I'm very confuse.. I really don't understand.. if someone could help me I will very appreciate.. Thanks
  7. I recently bought a yz250f 2003 and I feel that the bike is kinda low. I would like to know if there's a way to lower the bike only with revalving or if the previous owner change the suspension or the spring... I wonder if i can just revalve to make it a little bit higher (I compared mine to my friend's and mine is really a little bit lower) Thx for answer Alex
  8. Hi, whoever have a yz250f 2003 or similar I would like to have some help. I would like you to take a close picture of your rear hub and post it below because I try to install spokes on my rear wheel and its a real puzzle, I have a big headake please some help me.With a picture I'll be able to reinstall them quick ty so much
  9. Keep looking on internet or used because a new one cost I just changed my spokes and it cost me like 200$ CAD
  10. If you don't have the camcorder yet but a camcorder that record directly on dvd, then put the dvd on your compurter... If you want camcorder you can take a look at viosport website hand get head mounted camcorder or cam with high resistance or are not affect by speed or bump.
  11. Depend what kind of motocross u do. If you do off-road you better get a 4 strokes.. its easier to get troug<h obstavles and rocks, if you do sand pit you better have a 4 strokes too because they had more torque and gears are longer but if you do track, you should probably get a yz250 as 4Strokin it said.
  12. Get the one you can have, acerbis is internationnal i don't know if you can have UFO but there are very similar. I work at ste-marie sports dealer in Qc.
  13. I tried a bit but i can't figure... do i put the ones with more pitch inside or outside the wheel ?
  14. Ok thks, i'll try to figure it out... haha
  15. Go to your local dealer and ask him for acerbis or UFO platisc. It will fit well