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  1. CRF Ken

    Kdx 200 1994

    Does anyone know where I can get a good rebuild kit for the carb on this bike?
  2. CRF Ken

    Kdx 200 1994

    My son is gettin older now so decided to get him a bigger bike, found a 94 KDX 200 with 1400 miles on it in great shape offered the guy $750.00 and the rest is history. Anyway we bought it just recently and took the chance on going down to the desert 100 in Odessa wa, without going through all the mechanicals. Make a long story short the bike fouled plugs the whole day... So now to the work that I should have done before we left: Jetting will be 1st worked along with a good carb cleaning and floats set, Kips valve cleaning, cleaning regreasing or replaceing all the suspension bearings, wheel bearings etc. What else does anyone reccomend that I may be missing here? Also does anyone know where I can reference some pictures on the kips valve R&R clean job?
  3. CRF Ken

    Carb question

    I shouldn't have spoke so soon, I took it out today and itperformed strong and flawlessly. Is there a CR carb that fits his bik just curious, I am happy the way it is performing now. The only time you ha to roll on the throttle is starting from standing still oter than that it works great!
  4. CRF Ken

    Carb question

    I have a 2004 TTR 125, I have installed the JD jet kit, and have messed with the carb multiple times, changing pilot jets first from 115 to 17.5, and now up to 20. It runs well on top but still has a bog from idle when throttle is wicked open. My main jet is a 125 the recomended jet for the JD kit when the airbox is opened and the washer mod for the exaust is done. Should I raise my needle now or go to a bigger pilot jet, my fuel screw is about (2 1/2) turns out now and I just can't get rid of the slight bog....
  5. CRF Ken

    Galfer SS braided Front Line

    Does anyone know where I can get the correct front line for our bikes now I got the Rocky MT poke to and have a line about 3" too short?????
  6. CRF Ken

    When girls get drunk

    Remember from a guys perspective you may have forgot one, She thinks she is always right! Even when she is drunk!
  7. CRF Ken

    The NMA Offroader, What a rag

    Come on let's get real here, when someone takes a sales job for commission they know the risks. If all they are worried about is a sale everytime somebody walks in, I would think the job to be pretty disappointing. I personally do not sympathize with any sales person as a customer that's kind of their problem. Unless they want to start splitting their commission I can care then! As for the dealership lots of people by used bikes and bikes from other locations, but utilize their local dealer for parts and services. So I guess what I am trying to say is that there are allot of ways to support the local businesses. These businesses show up to allot of events also, but do not kid yourself it is a business and if there wasn't money in it they wouldn't be in it either.
  8. CRF Ken

    450X with vibration

    Chain was dry, and I think the kids been playing with the High Speed adjustment they are just laughing at me. Makes me wonder
  9. CRF Ken

    450X with vibration

    I just changed the oil in my forks went out riding today and notice a severe vibration felt in the footpegs at high RPM's usually when going faster on the forest service roads between trails. I have never had this does anyone have any ideas??????
  10. CRF Ken


    Anybody got the latest report on the Taneum area????
  11. CRF Ken

    Mattawa ride Sat the 4th

    Where is Matawa; anyone got directions?
  12. CRF Ken

    Mattawa ride Sat the 4th

    Where is Matawa; anyone got directions?
  13. CRF Ken

    What is it????

    bump, bump
  14. CRF Ken

    What is it????

    Someone has to have a little insight in this? I want to add a set of heated grips, but want to make sure I am running enough power.
  15. CRF Ken

    What is it????

    I have read in my searches that the 2005 CRF 450X has 48-watt stator, my service manual says 78-watts @ 5000RPM's. What am I missing here???