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  1. Do all XL600R gas tanks interchange?
  2. This should have come before I asked for help in a different thread. Better late than never. I live in NW Ohio and recently purchased a 1987 XL600R. My intent was just to use it as a commuting beater (I only live 6 miles from work), but I can see it's going to get a lot more use. My last two beater bikes were bikes that I didn't really care about. A 450 Nighthawk that I rode for 2 years and sold for the price I paid for it. The most recent one was a CX500 that I sold for a nice profit (after a little work by me), I had that one for 3 months. The XL came up on Craigslist for a price that was low enough that "I just had to look at it". I bought it cheap enough, and even after tires, wheel bearings, and a battery; I'm pretty happy. I am looking for a missing rear turn signal, right side mirror, and a chain guard. I want to fab up some kind of rear rack to mount a trunk of some kind to carry those things I "need". I've always admired the XL's and the XT's but until now I couldn't find one cheap enough for me (I'm kind of tight). I think it's as much, maybe even more fun to ride than my superglide.
  3. Well, the new battery is in. The horn works at idle and when revved up. The turn signals (front only for now) work as they should with the electronic flasher. When running the voltage across the battery terminals measures 13 to 14 VDC. It appears to be good to go unless something else rears it's ugly head. I'll start putting some money aside for a possible stator replacement in the future. A sincere thank you to each of you that took the time to respond. Today showed me that I'm never to old to learn something...
  4. In my last post I stated that I would have a battery today. I was ignorant of the possibility of burning up my regulator rectifier with no battery; thanks for the heads up. Hopefully I'll luck out. I'm off to put the new battery in right now.
  5. I should have a new battery on Tuesday, and then will see what happens. I do plan on using on the road a majority of the time. I do want to make sure everything is working on it, I can deal with less than perfect cosmetics on this bike but really want everything to work the way it should. I am thinking about putting a set of bar end turn signals on it. The previous owner had taken some parts off of it and left them in a box in his cabin in the UP of Michigan. He is supposed to be bringing them back (the missing turn signal, chain guard, missing mirror, and tool box). I'm not holding my breath though... I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge here! Pictures of the bike:
  6. You are correct, there is no battery in the bike and I am measuring the voltage at the terminals. I'm not sure what you mean by "b all volts". I tried replacing the flasher with a 2 pole electronic one and when I did that the signals wouldn't even come on.
  7. When you say your signals won't work without a battery, do you mean they won't light, or they won't blink?
  8. Thanks for the response. I don't have a battery to put in it. I don't see why that would make a difference when checking voltage at the battery wires when it's running. I've read about people replacing the stators (and I'll definitely go to a Ricky stator if it's needed). I don't have any experience with a system that doesn't need a battery to run, so I am a bit perplexed. The motor runs, the headlight and tail/brake light work fine. The turn signals don't blink (but that's probably because I am missing the rear units) but they do light steady. The horn makes noise at idle, but nothing when I rev it up. The motor starts rather easily (once I learned the tricks) and runs good, but I suspect some carburetor issues because it seems to top out around 60 or so, then sometimes all of a sudden it feels like someone kicked in an afterburner and she jumps right up. I only mention this in case I'm wrong. I figured that the problem is the regulator or stator, but don't know what to check for or where to check for it at. I'm really puzzled by the voltage dropping when I rev it up. Thanks again.
  9. I've been a lurker here for a few years now, anticipating the day I would have my own Thumper. It came in the form of a 1987 XL600R. I've been riding it without a battery which is fine, but today I decided to check the voltage on the battery terminals when it was running because I noticed the horn works when at idle, but not riding down the road. My meter is only showing 2 to 4 volts DC. It is more like 4 when it's idling and 2 something when I rev it up. Where do I start? Thanks,
  10. I got to thinking about that today and realized just what you said. Then I thought I should have thought BEFORE I posted... BAR
  11. by "lobes down" do you mean that both lobes should be down the same amount when the "T" is lined up with the pointer on the case? It would seem to me that it would be possible to have it out of time by a tooth or two on the sprocket either way. Sure, I'm probably being anal about it, but that's my nature... Thanks, BAR
  12. I am trying to resurrect our '98 XR80R. It won't start, but I am pretty sure it's the exhaust valve. It has spark, the carb and jets have been cleaned. The tank and fuel line are clean. I adjusted the valve clearance per the spec (at least the one I found on the internet). I couldn't get a compression checker, but I did put it at top dead center, and blew some compressed air into the spark plug hole. The air then came out the exhaust port, which to me signifies that the exhaust valve isn't closing completely. I did not get air out of the crankcase vent or the intake manifold. THEN, being an engineer I said to myself, "Self, just pull the head off and take it into work." Being very careful I removed the nuts from the rocker arm assembly, removed the rocker arm assembly (marking it so I knew how it went back in, removed the cam sprocket bolts, looped a wire through the cam chain (so it wouldn't drop into the case), removed the sprocket from the cam, removed the cam. After placing everything off to the side THEN I realized that I did not note the position of the cam, so now I don't know how to put it back together with the correct timing. The sprocket has a mark "0" on it, but I can't find anything on the cam. THEN I found out the head won't come out without pulling the motor. THEN, I put it all away and came in the house... Maybe it's time to buy a manual. SO, how big of a mess did I make not knowing the position of the cam and the sprocket? BAR