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    2013 TC250R won't start

    My son has a 2013 Husky TC250R on which the valves went bad and ate both the intake and exhaust cams. We had all four valves and two rocker arms replaced. The piston, rings and cylinder checked fine. We replaced the timing chain while we had the engine open. We reassembled everything exactly as per the factory manual. Set piston to TDC, installed brand new cams in the proper orientation so the valve timing is dead on. We re-shimmed the new valves with brand new shims to factory specs. We got everything back together and the bike will not start. We checked for spark and that was good. Next was fuel so we sprayed starting fluid into the bike but never got even a pop. We did put fuel in the tank, but still no start. We also checked that the auto decompression is working properly. The bike ran fine until the problem with the valves and we have checked our work at least three times. Are we missing something obvious? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!