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  1. Happy Birthday virge3725!

  2. virge3725

    $130.00 max upgrades for a new 450x - Ca Model

    I hear ya, now I wish I had saved another $800.00 to put into the bike. I was just at the Honda shop here in Thousand Oaks and they gave me a copy of the 450x mods by Honda tuned for competition closed course only, ( Which is honda's way of telling you they are not liable. ) of course they add the "R" cam and header, make airbox mod, change Main & Leak Jets and do the Pink wire mod. Ok I'm going for the JD jet kit with the pink wire and airbox mod with the TwinAir filter kit ( that billet frame is probably a nice feature ). From there I'll see how things feel. Smog pump is going, Zip-ty fuel screw and crank case breather because I don't like the idea of getting hot air/oil back into the carb. Now this will cost a bit more than I wanted but I knew that anyway.
  3. virge3725

    $130.00 max upgrades for a new 450x - Ca Model

    I'll look into this pipe, how much is the weight savings?
  4. virge3725

    $130.00 max upgrades for a new 450x - Ca Model

    Yes I see your point, I really wanted to do the airbox/filter together with a pipe but you may be right I may want to do this first. I'm 6'2" 193lbs intermediate rider. I had my ktm suspension revalved by WER and it made all the difference in the world at my level of riding, I don't know if any of this other tweaks will work well for me except raising the forks for better turning. I will take your advice though and break in the forks before changing and adding oil. Makes sense. That twin air kit is pricey as well, about $120.00 right. Seen any parts on Ebay for cheaper? Smog pump has to go, I just can't stand the sight of it.
  5. I just picked up my 450x from Inglewood. I'm very excited to ride it but want to do the first few upgrades necessary and stay under $150.00. This is what I've concluded in order taking price/performance/weight reduction into consideration. Let me know if I'm missing anything that you guys think is important. 1) JD jetting with setting fuel screw- $67.00 2) Smog Pump eliminator kit. - $24.00 3) Suspension setting motorsports-network.com - Fork oil - $8.50 4) Applied crank case vent kit. - $19.00 5) Fastway case saver - $19.00 Total $ 138.00 Intake and exhaust is definately next! What's the best price/performance/weight reduction pipe for the X?
  6. virge3725

    X rim on the R

    Does swapping rims buy you anthing other that a larger sidewall tire? Is there any handling changes? Just curious.
  7. virge3725

    New Bike Break in. . . Again. . .

    Wholy smokes, that was a misread, I was beginning to think this is one strange techno bike.
  8. virge3725

    New Bike Break in. . . Again. . .

    Just got my 450x, havn't ridden it yet, so I should put a little oil in the spark opening before I really take her out? New to 4 strokes.
  9. virge3725

    05/06 CRF450R or 450x I can't figure it out!

    When you can't ride them both to figure it out it's nice to ask around and comments from others who might have. Up until these last few years the offroad bikes with lights/detuned motors have not even been close to the power and fun of the moto bikes and it was never an option but to turn a supercross bike into an offroader. Times have changed for the better!
  10. virge3725

    05/06 CRF450R or 450x I can't figure it out!

    Everyone's response has been great. I used my KTM 300 MXC to ride motocross but when it came down to it I hardly did and found myself riding offroad more often. I think I'm going to go for the X only because if it's under power I'll just have to uncork her and put some mods on the motor to open her up. Already called Inglewood and got the price down $50.00 bucks, no biggy but hey I can't wait to get that bad boy!. I do believe the R's will be more fun on the track, but not many motocross tracks that aren't hours away. If I owned some land I think I would own the R because I would build a real motocross track like the nationals in the 70's and 80's. Wide open with burms and table tops not these crazy triples. I'll leave the triples for you younger dudes. Thanks again for all the input and ride on.
  11. virge3725

    05/06 CRF450R or 450x I can't figure it out!

    So the X is going to be plenty of power for me? Can you give me a comparison of power between the R and the X?
  12. Need some help out there. I just sold my Dual sport xr600 and my KTM 300mxc and wanted to buy a CRF450x because I live in CA and most of the riding is offroad with some single trail mountains/woods. I want a power hit comparable to my 300 two stroker or more and I think I can get that from the 450r but I probably should settle for something less since the 450x has the wide ratio trans. Can I setup the 450R for offroad and be happy? I road my 300mxc offroad and didn't care about doing 90+ on the straights because in the twisties and tight stuff I smoked everyone. Any help would be appreciated. rb
  13. virge3725

    So, who still rides an XR600?

    I love my 600R, but will sell it to buy the new 450x. If I don't sell it I won't care. Check it out, it's totally trick 600. :punk: http://mysite.verizon.net/birgels/home/vehicles/html/honda_xr_600.html