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  1. Havasusteve

    05 450 cam in an 01 426???

    Great...Thanks for the info Ed... Steve
  2. Havasusteve

    05 450 cam in an 01 426???

    Great... The 450 cam you used has the decompression capability?? In other words, does your 02 kick-over easier?? Thanks Havasusteve 01 wr426 04 trx400
  3. Havasusteve

    05 450 cam in an 01 426???

    Greetings.. First time posting. I love my 01 426, but have issues with hot starting & kicking that beast over. I know that these bikes are known for this issue. I have been told that installing the 05 450 cam (w/auto decompression) might help. Anyone know if it will work?? Or has done it? Lastly, what fix have any of you done to resolve the hard start issue? I am just about to give up on her, and see about getting another year w/electric start..That wouldn't be a bad thing though..The "Little Lady" has told me to try and fix the problem without buying another bike. Thanks for the input ahead of time havasusteve 01 wr426 04 Honda trx400