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  1. xriderdown

    Show me your 450/501 saddlebags

    I still have the same container I wrapped with what looks to be the same HD muffler clamp. But I mounted it to a flat surface on my old bike's frame. How did you mount it to the subframe. Can you send me closeup pic/s?
  2. xriderdown

    18 fe 501 check engine light at idle.

    "Never overlook the obvious". Check battery ground wire?
  3. DecalWorks's has an interactive website that lets you design any custome decal you can emagin for any bike. I sold the the bike for less than the $4k of performance products and suspension work that was put into the project bike. The buyer basically bought all the performance upgrades and just happened to get a reliable bike to go with it. It also had a very clean maintenance history. It's not an easy bike to "turn and burn". It belongs with an owner who appreciates the bike for what it is. Can you tell I still have sellers remorce?
  4. Enduro Engineering supplied the longer bolts. I suspect my alignment wasn't perfect. But I still couldn't believe how easily the threads stripped. No problem.......helicoiled it and all is good now. But wow was I shocked at that time. I too would like the factory torque. You need to be very careful with these bolts.
  5. Owned a 05 for 10 years. Never owned a bike for that long. Struggle with a starting problem in the beginning. Turns out the OE compression release valve cam kept wearing out. If you have the same problem, they improved the design on the replacement units so the problem went away. I may have contributed to the problem by being lazy and not reaching down to pull the hot start button when I should have. The OE muffler is very restrictive. If you swap it out with an aftermarket slip-on, you'll unleash the beast. Keep an eye on the water pump impeller. On mine, a 10 cent, nut holding the impeller on, came loose and cost me $1k to fix an over heated motor. I loved that bike so it was worth fixing. I updated the plastic to the classic red & white and never had issues getting decals from DecalWorks. Sold it last year. http://www.xriderdown.com/Pages/TE510Project.aspx
  6. You're absolutely right on soft threads. I stripped one hole installing an after market case saver. Couldn't believe it....the threads are as strong as butter.
  7. From that angle it's most likely Home-grown. Very "Sano" design! Appears to address some perseved short falls with the composite subframe. There's something funky going on at the rear of the seat and some carving on the fender well. Definitely a prototype. Other than that, I'm in.
  8. Hey TD, where did you steal that pic of the 501 with a rack? Doesn't look home-grown or nomadic to me. I like how that rider drilled a hole for quick seat bolt removal.
  9. Bon-Ami........nothing works better on white.
  10. xriderdown

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    54 yrs Swedish, Italian, Austrian.........no German! 76 wr360 00 wr360 17 FE501
  11. I put a Acerbis 3.0 on my 17' 501. Love the fit, form and function. Had to purchase OEM KTM short neck 90 degree fuel petcock to make it work with hose routing. No big deal.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on this issue. Whenever I suspect an exhaust melting issue, I'll pull out my EZ Coils. I attached it to the pipe with a hose clamp. Should resolve this problem. I have also used these around cooling hoses on other bikes that are exposed to the elements or could come in contact with the eshaust. You can pick these up at most auto parts stores.
  13. xriderdown

    '05 510 won't hold charge

    Check the voltage input at the battery with a volt meter with the engine running. If the volt meter reads 13+ volts at high idle, your charging system should be fine. If your battery wears down after several e-starts, It's possible your auto decompression system may not be working and sucking the life out of the battery. The 510 has a tremendous amount of compression and requires a fully operational auto decompression system to turn the motor over without draining the battery. See my web page for details Auto-Decompression fix
  14. xriderdown

    Wont start

    Witney, I feel your pain. I think I know what your problem is......been there, done that: Xriderdown Fix
  15. xriderdown

    02 wr360 problem

    The Auto-decompression was the single most expensive item I purchased for my WR. I struggled with the cost as well. I waited three years before I finally made that decision. I'm still "kicking" myself for not making that decision sooner. The Wr360 is such an awesome ride when it's running. Don't let the hard-starting keep you from enjoying all the fun that this bike can deliver. Get the Auto-decompression. It's worth every penny!!