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  1. Snap the throttle open in 2nd and im on the back wheel without hesitation, mine pulls very hard in all gears. Good luck with that.
  2. If you like to rev it hard, use 1.2 litres, anymore than this in mine, and it spews out the breather hose. I also do not check the oil screw after oil change, i just drain and refill with 1.2 every 500 miles. 1.2 litres, is not enough to reach the oil screw hole on mine, i have to lean the bike slightly before it starts weeping.
  3. But at least its 'optional' on a husky.
  4. Enjoy you new bike.
  5. Norman is the man full stop, he is the only one that has ever been able to answer my husky questions.
  6. There is only 7 pages because people keep coming and saying "Are you sure this is ok?" And then ten husky owners come along and say "Yes its fine".
  7. Ammo, i thought the exact same thing about the clutch.
  8. Im glad i dont have any starting problems with mine, seems its pretty common. Wouldn't wanna bump it from cold tho, how do you find the traction for that! Edit: Hey dbailey where's these photos?
  9. It will, dont worry. Enjoy your new bike.
  10. Helicoil. In fact there have been reports of helicoils being already fitted from new.
  11. Lol, your really looking into this. When you get which ever one, let me know your results.
  12. Absolutely superb pics, just looking at these make me wanna get mine out and go for a blast. Your mind is definately still with you, im lovin it.