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  1. i could have used this when i broke my ankle
  2. 2005CRF150f

    New Bike??

    you might also think about a kx 200 or 220 2 stroke power with less maintenance .... just a suggestion
  3. 2005CRF150f

    Will this fit???

    it says its for the 150 so im guessing it does
  4. 2005CRF150f

    VIDEO! I know you guys like videos!!!

    Hey Tone thats an awesome vid i was quite impressed by the videotaping actually you made a really nice job of it.
  5. 2005CRF150f


    i use 10w 30 and i thought it took 1.1 litres so ur gonna need two bottles. but dont waste you're money on honda oil its a rip off for this bike
  6. 2005CRF150f


    this is funny yet rediculous just let the bitches do there shit and dont read any of their posts or threads its really not that hard. its called ignoring them and i dont really care for grammar either but words spelt right is nice and also not talking like a hick kept away from sane people all his life...
  7. 2005CRF150f

    white 230

    i dont think theres any white plastics for them but if u want tosee a white bike just look at an older xr 100
  8. 2005CRF150f

    Anyone seen the DTF150??

    it doesnt look like it has rear disc brakes to me ? it looks like a dirt bike ypu'd find at canadian tire
  9. 2005CRF150f


    go with the 250 u will be very dissappointed and bored with the 230 considering ur coming off of a 125
  10. 2005CRF150f

    who saw tp's double backflip?

    well he did it before on a dirt ramp didn't he ??
  11. 2005CRF150f

    scatched plastics

    alright the novus scratch remover sounds perfect but can i find it at canadain tire etc ?
  12. 2005CRF150f

    scatched plastics

    70 km the bars are bent a little but the forks twisted in the clamp so didnt really do much damage
  13. 2005CRF150f

    scatched plastics

    Alright so i recently let a friend drive my 150 (bad idea, but he gave me a coke) and he wiped out doing about seventy so anyways he scratched the shit out of the front fender side panel and part of the number plate...and he had to get 2 stitches in his foot and four in his elbow.. but i was just wondering if there was any cheaper alternative to replacing the plastics ?
  14. if this is true then why wouldnt they round the crf 150 up to 160 ? even though the competition is a 125 this would still make sence since its 157 cc's
  15. 2005CRF150f

    2005 Cfr150f

    i don't get what the advantage is of a six speed tranny it just seems like too much shifting to me especially on a track